Can A Party Refuse Someone Ballot Access?

From the Telegraph:

As Henry Ficklin, a nearly 30-year Macon City councilman, toys with the idea of running for mayor, the longtime Democrat says he’s looking at entering the race as an independent. Or maybe even as a Republican.

Ficklin wants to avoid what is, thus far, a 4 way primary for Mayor of Macon. If he were to show up to run as a Republican, could the Republicans tell him no?


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    I’m no legal expert but I would think you cannot prevent someone from running as a Republican so long as they meet the very minimal requirements and their check doesn’t bounce.

    IIRC, candidates are asked to sign a document stating their agreement with Republican principles.

  2. rugby_fan says:

    The Mississippi Democrats are not letting the Insurance Commissioner run as a Democrat (last time I checked) because he endorsed Bush in 04.

    Like Buzz said, this is when the parties will say we do not want to accept your qualification, and is I think, the only way or reason parties don’t accept candidates.

  3. RuralDem says:


    I covered the Mississippi Democratic Party a bit on my blog a few days ago.

    Their Insurance Commissioner, George Dale has been in office since 1975 and simply made a speech at a town fair supporting Bush in 2004. As far as I know he did not campaign for him and has not supported any other Republicans.

    There is also a State Representative by the name of Mary Ann Stevens who has been in office over 20 years and her party certification is being questioned because supposedly she rarely supports “causes of the Democratic Party”.

    In my mind the Mississippi Democratic Party is making a huge mistake. Their making the big tent shrink with actions like this.

  4. albert says:

    no, but he would be an idiot to run as a Republican. He would have a difficult time getting his supporters voting Republican, and then the chances are ???? He would be better off running as an independent, especially if he holds to the philosophy that local elections should be non-partisan. He’s a good man and will do well.

  5. RuralDem says:

    What I find interesting is that if Ficklin ran as a Republican, it’d set up a primary where both Republicans are African American.

    I realize I keep harping on the AA issue, but it seems like Macon is a completely different political atmosphere.

  6. hankreardan says:

    To run as an independent, you have go door to door and get ballot signatures. My friend David Corr did this a few years ago. It was to many signatures in to short of time. He ran as a write in candidate. He did quite well, I believe he won some of the districts as a write in. I believe his vote total was around 25%.
    Thses laws are the same ones that keep the Libertarians of the ballot for US House, state house and state senate races. In a patisan race Georia has not run a third party candidate or independent since 1943 the next worst state for ballot access ran third party candidate in 1993 ( I believe Kentucky is the next worst)

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