Vernon Jones files with the FEC

Vernon Jones (D) has filed paperwork for 2008 to challenge Saxby Chambliss:

Although DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones quietly filed his paperwork to run for U.S. Senate this week, he was more direct Thursday when he walked into Saxby Chambliss’ Washington office and told the incumbent Republican senator that he has competition.

Jones, a former Democratic state representative now in his second term as DeKalb CEO, has been reluctant to publicly declare his candidacy. But on Monday, without fanfare, he notified the Federal Elections Commission that he is entering the 2008 Senate race as a Democrat.

Ann Kimbrough, chief of staff to Jones, said her boss visited with Chambliss, Georgia’s senior senator, as well as Rep. Hank Johnson, a Democrat who represents most of DeKalb, to inform them of his candidacy. Jones himself could not be reached for comment.

Chambliss’ office confirmed that the two men met Thursday afternoon to talk about transportation issues. But there was no immediate comment on what Jones said about the campaign.

Vernon Jones has no chance in this race. I still believe that Jim Marshall is the only shot they have at beating Chambliss and even then it’ll be an uphill battle.


  1. Skeptical says:

    Dear God. Is he retarded?

    Don’t worry, I’m sure that someone else will step up to challenge ol’ Sackofshit Chambliss.

  2. DutchDawg says:

    Skeptical – yes, he probably is retarded. I’d be willing to bet that his defense for his rape trial was that he was mentally disabled, i.e. carte blanche to do whatever the hell you want. And yes, Marshall will run. He still holds a grudge for the ass whipping Saxby handed him in ’98 (’00?). Dude lost by twenty points, but never conceded. What an ass.

  3. Decaturguy says:

    In reality, his defense to the rape charge was that it was a consentual three way sex party. Really.

  4. joshdondich says:

    Jim Marshall is the only possible Democratic candidate that can give Senator Chambliss a run for his money in the 08 US Senate race. Vernon Jones definitely not a good callenger probably would only recieve 30% of the popular vote against Saxby Chambliss if nominated. rumors of Cathy Cox might enter the race. A smart choice for Cathy Cox is not to because she would not be in any better condition than Vernon Jones if she is nominted.

  5. RuralDem says:

    Marshall would be the top choice, but then his House seat will go red without question, unless another conservative Democrat ran. Maybe someone like Chuck Byrd who ran against Marshall in the 2002 primary.

    I’d like more info on Columbus attorney Jim Butler. He’s a big Democratic donor. Contrary to popular belief, he has quite a bit of name ID. He’s a huge donor to UGA. He’s got a ton of cash and could self fund his campaign.

    The eventual nominee will have to have Georgia values. A socially conservative, fiscally moderate Democrat would have a great chance against Saxby. As much as the “progressive” wing would whine and moan about the idea of a moderate-conservative running, they just need to face the facts that Georgians do not want and will not accept liberal social values. I just hope Saxby’s campaign has enough respect for the candidate to not run that mess they ran in 2002 against Cleland. Some will say “that’s just politics”, well, questioning anyone’s patriotism, especially when they lost their limbs fighting for our country, is sad, pathetic, and wrong.

  6. Big Mack says:


    That big pile of cash came just like John Edwards’ cash, from suing insurance companies. Their cash is the best reason I know for tort reform. He is very generous with the UGA and that is commendable.

  7. rugby_fan says:

    “Their cash is the best reason I know for tort reform.”

    Big Mack, it is apparent that you have never had a Sachertorte. If you had, you would not be calling for its reform.

    The Sachertorte is perfect as it is.

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