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That Bill Greene has dropped out of the GA-10 race. I haven’t gotten confirmation on that for sure. Anyone know?

No confirmation on this at all. I put in a call to Bill earlier, but I have not heard back from him. Let’s just treat this as idle gossip.

UPDATED: Definitely not happening. Good. Bill chimes in himself in the comments. And Bill, I thought it was the number you gave me in D.C. I’ll double check.

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  1. profg says:

    Where did such a rumor come from? I am on the campaign trail 12-16 hours a day, 6 days a week, and speaking in churches across the district on Sundays. I’m in 1-to-3 counties per day. I’m garnering endorsements from county party leaders and elected officials, in addition to national endorsements, and putting my face in front of literally hundreds of likely voters each day, whether by speaking at civic groups or meeting them in barber shops and coffee houses. We have a full-time staff of around half a dozen expert campaigners working around the clock, both in our headquarters and in the field. And of course we’ve got a great group of volunteers putting in a lot of elbow grease to keep things running. My campaign will be represented at every county convention meeting in the district this Saturday.

    I’m the only candidate running full-time in this race. Everyone else seems to be busy. I don’t see them anywhere. Our internal polling shows that we’re on the right track. Come June 19th, we’re in the runoff. Come July 17th, we win.

    Erick, what number did you call me at? Didn’t get the message. Sorry.


    Bill Greene for Congress
    Georgia, 10th District

  2. jackson says:

    12-16 hours a day? 6 days a week? What do you do for a living? Or are you just taking 4 months off work?

    I love the “Everyone else seems to be busy.” Like Jim Whitehead, who has actually lived in the district his entire life, and is at the State Capitol representing those folks.

    Look, if you are out there so much, great. But dont bust on others because you have nothing else to do. You dont have to campaign 12-16 hours a day to get to know the folks of this district. Just try living here for a while. You get to know a lot of folks by being their neighbor and investing in the community you live in while you are there, not just when you are running for office.

    PS: “We have a full-time staff of around half a dozen expert campaigners working around the clock, both in our headquarters and in the field.” How about some names Same for “I’m garnering endorsements from county party leaders and elected officials.” How about some names as well?

  3. bowersville says:

    Page of Rabun, Fincher of Habersham for starters. Does that suit your fancy Jackson?

    As far as Whitehead, look up the origin of the name and it tells it all, white haired anglo-saxon. Old English no doubt.

    Whitehead is beyond a doubt too old to serve in the Senate and campaign at the same time according to your standard. He’s dang sure too old to be in the majority when the Republicans return to power in DC.

    But then again, it’s Whiteheads turn, money people told Fleming, so it must be true.

    Why are you so worried about the names of Greene’s endorsements, you want to try and intimidate them? If so, start with Fincher & Page and you will have met your match.

    This rumor was probably started in Richmond/Columbia for the benefit of Whitehead.

  4. profg says:

    Jackson, I’m not “busting” on anyone at all. I apologize if that’s how it appeared. I was replying to the “rumor” that I had dropped out of the race, emphasizing that, to the contrary, I’m the one candidate who’s farthest from any such thing.

    What I do for a living is right there on the website: I’m self-employed in my own political consulting firm, and I head up a national million-member conservative grassroots activist organization which I began four years ago. We’re not sending out emails 5 days a week for this four month period, but we’re still sending them a couple of times a week, as I can write the copy. And I’m only going to Washington DC once a month to meet with our friends on Capitol Hill and the leaders of national conservative organizations, instead of my usual 3 to 4 times a month, which is why our “insider info” for our activist members is less than usual right now.

    I think it’s great to “just try living here” to get to know the folks of this district, if “living here” means living in all 21 counties and “getting to know folks” means shaking hands with 160,000 voters. The fact is, our polling shows that *no one* has name recognition across the whole district, which means that in order to get that name recognition, you’d better be willing to get out there and *meet* the fine people of this district.

    I put my website address in my sig for a reason. Many of your questions would be answered simply by visiting there, including endorsements like the Sherrifs of Habersham and Rabun counties, the chairperson of Stephens County GOP (who’s now our political director), former GOP chairs from other counties, several county commissioners like Dan Reyen in Hartwell, national leaders like Paul Weyrich, Alan Keyes, Chris Simcox, and others.

    I just looked at the site, and realized it’s even missing half of our endorsements. So more are coming. But you could at least get a good idea by going there to begin with.

    Look, I know it’s tempting to “bust on others” who are giving it their all in a civic quest to serve in government, just because it’s a fairly anonymous blog. But I think in this race, we should at least have some civil dialogue. If you’d like to meet up with me, drop us a line, or come in to the HQ in Commerce to say hi to whoever’s there. We’re having a big rally there on April 14th from 2-4pm – you’re welcome to come on by.



    Bill Greene for Congress
    Georgia, 10th District

  5. Mad Dog says:

    Bill Greene,

    Not busting on you. People on this blog know I’m not a GOP minion.

    Good luck with your hard work in the campaign. If you’re doing all the things you say you are, and I tend to believe that, I respect your efforts.


  6. tony r says:

    I just got back from my county convention and I didn’t see anything from this bill green guy. The other candidates had a pretty good presence. Met this whitehead guy who is real impressive.

    But no bill green. I think he doth protest too much.

  7. jackson says:

    I am sorry that I could not take, “I’m the only candidate running full-time in this race. Everyone else seems to be busy. ” as not an attack on other candidates. Something must be wrong with my social “skill set”. I PERSONALLY would think that was a slight on others. Especially if it came from someone that wrote on blogs/wrote emails for a living. I would think that their words were more than just typed, but they would be well thought out, and based on the way you worded the rest of your email (that you are EVERYWHERE, DOING EVERYTHING) that you actually had some sense about how to write and email, because it was obvious you were trying convince folks that you were everywhere.

    I, for one, am tired of politicians that run for office and make comments/posts whatever like they are out there doing everything. Like they are SOOOO tired from the frantic 16 hours days talking to voters, and ALL the events they attended blah blah blah. If they were, would they even need to tell people about it? Whether you are actually being honest or not, I personally dont get the feel that you are.

    Which begs the question, if you are such a great campaigner and motivator of conservatives, and you have so many people that read your blogs/websites/emails etc. why have I never even heard of you? I have been involved for a long time out here and I dont think I even heard your name even mentioned when it camed to folks that conservatives could use some help from, or someone that could help get conservatives motivated for their campaign or cause. Where were you?

  8. jackson says:

    PS Where were you at the county conventions today? I just got back from mine and was surprised that with an extensive staff like yours, and with you hitting the trail for 12-16 hours a day, it would be at least good to drop off some information or literature or have one of your six full-time staffers say something. But instead no sign of you. (pun intended).

  9. profg says:

    Jackson, we had volunteers take literature to every county convention in the 10th district except McDuffie, Lincoln and Wilkes, where a couple of folks fell through at the last minute. I personally spoke at Clarke and Oconee (though late to Oconee). I know that Whitehead came to Stephens, where the people all know me already and the outgoing chair spoke for me, and Habersham, where the Sheriff and the head of the North Georgia TARs spoke for me. In the Augusta counties, they wouldn’t allow our volunteers to speak for me (“we don’t really have time for candidates or their spokemen to say anything” — ???), so they papered the cars in the lots instead. In Hart, the incoming and outgoing chairmen handed out flyers for me. In Greene and Franklin, the chairman handed out flyers for me. In Towns and Jackson, the chairmen’s wives did.

    Of couse, after I spoke at the conventions I went to, I spent the afternoon meeting people in local restaurants and shops, then headed off to a large home show to meet a few dozen leading builders and contracting suppliers, and finished the evening down south at a large fundraiser meeting some strong political influencers.

    Jackson, I don’t know if you really have issues with my campaign, or if you’re just supporting someone else, but if you ask anyone who knows RightMarch — and yes, I understand that you aren’t a member, but there are a few thousand here in Georgia who are — you will learn that I am very involved in conservative activism on a national level, which is why national conservative leaders are supporting my campaign. Like you, I’m “tired of politicians that run for office”… *period*. That’s one of the main reasons I’m running. I think it’s time for change.

    I hope to meet you on 4/14, when Chris Simcox is coming to speak at our rally in Commerce. I much prefer meeting real people face-to-face than exchanging electrons anonymously. It’s much more “real” politics, if you ask me.



    Bill Greene for Congress
    Georgia, 10th District

  10. Federalist says:

    Bill Greene,
    “Real” politics…come on. You are going to churches…nice “real” politics. You are just wasting your time going to churches b/c:
    1) there is little money to be raised at churches
    2) churches do not produce voters
    3) Any one of the opposing campaigns may start to follow you and make sure none of these churches allow you to speak about politics, or do so much as give a quip endorsing you. Believe me, I think I may hit the campaign trail and see how many of these churches can lose their tax exemptions…(You will be blamed if they do)

    -Is there anything unique about your candidacy? I can not find anything, you may as well campaign for Jim Whitehead. What is unique about what you will do in office? All of the GOPers in this campaign for the 10th are the same…cookie cutter mock ups of what a GOP candidate in GA is supposed to look like. Is there anything else blan and indistguished about your candidacy?
    Mr. Greene
    As a supporter of the consitution, hence my call sign Federalist, I can not support your candidacy. If my words have been harsh or threatening…I apologize. You have entered the field, and when I see candidates that have un-American values, not only can I not support them, but I must break the support they have. It is the nature of our Democratic Republic. Oh, one more thing, under “issues” on your web-site you should probably get rid of the section on “Judicial.” Not only is your argument a fascist argument, but is un-Constitutional(read Article III, Section 2). Reading the constitution should be a requirement to run for congress…shouldn’t it?

  11. bowersville says:

    Tony R, what county convention do you attend, and pray tell, who were the other candidates that had a pretty good attendance? It’s easy to claim names without naming names on a blog. Funny how you had an impressive opinion of this Whitehead guy, who else has seen him outside of Columbia County? Name one.

    Jackson, where were you today during the county conventions, or better yet, where was Whitehead? You’re tired of politicians making claims of being every where? Where was Whitehead? He wasn’t here. I got my literature on Greene.

    Jackson, you want name recognition? Who’s heard of Whitehead outside of Columbia? Come on Jackson, here’s your chance to claim how great a job Whitehead is doing for name recognition.

    In case you haven’t heard, G is before W on the ballot.

  12. bowersville says:

    And JACKSON, was Whitehead at your claimed attendence at the county convention? Was an extensive Whithead staff there? Hell no!

  13. jackson says:

    1. Whitehead didnt claim to have a full time staff that was working around the clock, Bill Greene did. Whitehead didnt claim he was campaigning full-time “12-16 hours a day/6 days a week”. Greene did.

    2. Bill Greene not only DIDNT have a presence at my county convention, he DIDNT have any literature or people…and it was one that he mentioned he did. I know now for sure now he is not being honest about it.

    3. At least SOMEONE has heard of Whitehead.

    4.I know my alphabet. It’s a special election. Ballot position isnt going to play any role on this. But if that is your campaign strategy, good luck!

    Bottom Line Bowersville: The issue ISNT that folks have/dont have enough folks to have a presence everywhere. The issue is that some politician makes comments that they have all these fulltime campaigners and supporters and they barely even have a presence at some of the events. It seems pretty far fetched and unbelievable that someone that is so active and has so much support cant even get flyers to a county convention.

    As for your comments Mr Greene, even though I dont believe you, I probably wouldnt have said anything had you not made the snide remark about everyone “being too busy ” to campaign. That was just lame.

    I do have a question, however, Mr. Greene: You claim that the chairman or chairmans wives handed out literature for you. Great. Were you trying to imply that they were supporting you by handing it out, or did they also hand it out for all the other candidates?

    For me, those are are the misleading and deceptive comments that annoy me about candidates and campaigns. Just be honest.

  14. Holly says:

    Please, lets stop jumping down each others’ throats!

    Whitehead had a staffer passing out literature in Columbia County, and she left after speaking with me so she could go to other conventions. I’m guessing she hit Richmond County, but other than that, my guess is as good as yours.

    If anyone spoke directly with Jim Whitehead at a county convention yesterday, it wasn’t in Columbia County. Senator Whitehead was in Jackson and (I believe) Stephens Counties. Mr. Green is saying he was also in Habersham County, which is entirely possible.

    I do think, Mr. Green, it is important for you to know that I was at the Columbia County convention, but my car had nothing on it from your staff, nor did I see other cars with such literature. You might want to check and see what happened with that.

    Also, we did have a candidate speak in Columbia County at the end, but he is running for Jim Whitehead’s seat, not for GA-10.

  15. Federalist says:

    Mr. Greene
    I am sorry to say that I can not endorse your candidacy. For one, you either do not believe in the sancitity of the Constitution, or have never read it. Either way, I can not vote for you. You little comments about the “Judicial” branch on the “Issues” category of your web-site are in direct contradiction with Article III, Section 2,…and that sir in un-American. In addition to this, I do not believe you are electable, nor do I believe you have the capacity to raise the necessary funds to pull off a victory over your GOP counterparts. There is no issue that distinguishes you from the rest of the field. Also, you are wasting valuable time visiting churches. I have been considering following your church campaign to secure a separation between your political campaign and the church. It would be a shame if a church lost its tax exemption because of a few words endorsing a position, or even candidate, that is political (you would be blamed). Shape up, or your candidacy will be an embarrassment.

  16. DAMY46 says:


    You have some Whitehead supporters, in the Augusta area, ‘blowing off’ Bill Greene…

    That is a mistake….

    my 2 cents


  17. DAMY46 says:

    Some folks posted, on the web, that I am a ‘plant’ for Bill Greene.

    I ain’t no dammmm plant.

    I will vote for Jackie Poteet, if she runs.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it…

    Donald at—706-860-9289–or

    [email protected]

    I have nothing to hide…..

  18. Holly says:

    Your phone number and mine are so close that I got confused for a moment there, Donald. I don’t know Jackie Poteet. Who is she?

  19. bowersville says:

    Federalist, not trying to cut you out, this is an argument between Jackson and me. I, for one, am having fun with this. And I think Jackson is also.

    Greene and his folks handed out literature. I ONLY want to know where it was not handed out or what county convention pro-Greene literature was not received by voters. Or better, did somebody steal it from beneath your wind shield wiper blade?

    The bottom line is that if Whitehead doesn’t get his bo-hunkass out of Columbia, no one will know his name!

    By the way, how did DeRay Fincher react to Whitehead on Saturday?

  20. DAMY46 says:


    Jackie Poteet lives in Augusta and said she would run for this seat…

    I think that she will drop out soon…

    my 2 cents


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