Dare We Talk About The Cobb GOP Chair’s Race?

The tipline tells me that Chip Rogers, Judson Hill, John Wiles, Judy Manning, Sam Oleans, Helen Goreham, and Bill Byrnes have all come out for Scott Johnson.


  1. Brian from Ellijay says:

    As has Phil Gingrey.

    All three Chairman and State Chairman for the Auxilary groups in Cobb. Aww, I have an email somewhere I will try to post.

  2. Brian from Ellijay says:

    [Edited by Erick because the comment was way too long.]
    Endorsements for Scott Johnson:
    U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey, GA District 11

    Roger Hines, former State Representative (R-038) and former candidate for U.S. Congress, GA 06
    Stephen Koch, Chairman Cobb County Teen Republicans, Communications Director Georgia Association of Teen Republicans, Chairman Sprayberry Teen Republicans
    Susan Roberts, Immediate Past President Cobb County Republican Women’s Club
    Lori Hullett, Immediate Past President, Cobb County Regional Republican Women’s Club
    Holly Comer, Past President, Cobb County Republican Women’s Club
    Scott Chadwick
    Johnny Blankenship, State Chairman Georgia Teen Republicans
    Donovan Head, 2nd Vice Chairman of the Georgia Assoc. of Teen Republicans, and Former Chairman of the Cobb Teen Republicans.

    Michael Opitz, President, The Madison Forum
    Jason Shepard
    Jade Morey, Former State Chairwoman of the Georgia Association of Teen Republicans Former Chairwoman and Founder of the Cobb County Teen Republicans

  3. GOPeach says:

    Look at Coates’ endorsments:

    Former Gov. Zell Miller
    Gov. Sonny Perdue
    US Sen. Saxby Chambliss
    Congressman Phil Gingrey
    Congressman Tom Tancredo
    Speaker Glenn Richardson
    Sec. of State Karen Handel
    State School Superintendent Kathy Cox
    Commissioner John Oxendine
    Commissioner Angela Speir
    Speaker Glen Richardson
    Sen. Chip Rogers
    Rep. Ed Setzler
    Rep. Sharon Cooper
    Perry McGuire
    Gary Black
    Carolyn Carcia
    Phyllis Schlafly

  4. GOPeach says:

    Oh and BTW…

    Cindye spole with Babe Byrne and Bill Byrne has decided to not endorse anyone in this race he likes Cindye and Scott!

    Chip Rogers is not a delegate!

  5. GOPeach says:

    More Coates Enorsments:

    Kyle Coates-
    Former Cobb Teen Republicans Chairman
    Current Sub-District Secrtary.

    Rep. Bobby Franklin

    10 of the 12 Sub-dsitrict Chairs are with Coates also!

  6. GAGirl says:

    You make me sick GOPeach A.K.A. Cindye Coates. The only CURRENT endorsements you have are your son and the crazy religious nut. The Byrnes’ aren’t endorsing anyone because they don’t want any part of that mess. Not because they like you. Stop lying you hypocritical psycho! Move on Cindye, politics isn’t where you should be. You’ll lose tomorrow and the world will be better off because of it.

  7. margot says:

    Those endorsements are interesting if not a little outdated but I think that I should point this out. From Scott Johnson’s website: “I have known Scott Johnson and his family for 30 years. I delivered his children into this world. He has been involved in all of my political campaigns from local office to U.S. Congress. I believe his skills are ideal to lead the Cobb Republican Party and I am confident that he has recruited a great team to work with him. I rarely make an endorsement, but today I am asking you to join me in supporting Scott Johnson as Chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party.”

    U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey, GA District 11

  8. GOPeach says:


    Thank you for thinking I am Cindye.
    I have been called worse 🙂

    Anyway – Cindye is exactly where she should be.
    Ever heard of Lincoln? Newt?

  9. GOPeach says:


    I just want to clarify that Cindye’s endorsements are from when she ran for State House.

    Although they are not for the chairman position per se, they are endorsements from leaders who see her as a leader also.

    Anyway, Brad Husley ( former Mayor of Powder Springs) and the rest of The Vision for Victory slate

    Cobb is lucky to have so many apt folks ( including Scott, Bob, Andre, etc…We have had
    a lot of craziness here on PP over the last few months. It will be over this

  10. GOPeach says:

    … time tomorrow.

    If Scott wins – we will not expect him to wear a dress. 🙂 We will want him to stay just like he is.

    No matter what — Cobb County will be in good hands. I hope everyone here on PP will be kind to all the candidates no matter what. Unless we are willing to run for an elected position, we do not need to be mean.

  11. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Peach, you’re being dishonest. Isn’t there something in the Bible about that?

    Oh, that’s right — the rules and Commandments are for the rest of us.

  12. GOPeach says:

    I heard Cindye was a class act today. Her supporters including me are hurting because she would have done a great job.

    Republican Women’s Clubs should all be ashamed of themselves. I am very dissapointed in them. Cindye would get more support from the Democrat women. They almost got her elected to the State House. Maybe she should switch parties.

    Maybe I should also. DemPeach!

  13. GAGirl says:

    So just because the Republican women present at the convention didn’t support you, they should be ashamed?? I’m proud of them for voting for the best folks for the jobs. Remove the stick from your butt Cindye! Go ahead and switch. Wouldn’t bother me.

  14. mainstream GOP says:

    WOW..I get called a Democrat by GOPeach/ Cindye because I pointed out that I didn’t really mind Steve Thompson and would have considered voting for him over Mark Grant..and now she is contemplating switching parties to become a Democrat?..Im very perplexed.

    Holly Comer has mentioned on several occasions that Cindye only came to the CCRW meetings when she wanted something from them, and just because she was of the same gender..she expected their help. Sorry, candidates must earn help on their campaigns. Women like Holly Comer and Susan Roberts pour a lot of passion and energy in to what they do with in that organization…they are not in this for personal gains. They should not be “ashamed” (which I assure you they are not), they should be thrilled, we have an amazing team that will lead us for the next two years.

    Scott won with more than 75% of the vote, don’t even attempt to blame this on the CCRW.

  15. GOPeach says:

    The democrats woud love Cindye. They are looking forPro-Life Christian Conservatives to improve their image unlike republicans who are becoming more liberal. Plus – she has grassroots work ethics thatmany rebublicans can not relate to. She could be in the wrong party. I remember hearing her complain about the ” rubber chicken Country Club Monthly lunches” and how they cost $25.

    By becoming a democrat, she could win her State House seat. Running as a republican has not brought results . Unless they redraw the lines, she should really think about it.

    Sadly, I am afraid republicans have failed her.

  16. mainstream GOP says:

    I guess it is anything to win with you!…The Democrats will see through something like this, they too are not stupid. But go ahead and try, it will certainly be amusing.

  17. GOPeach says:

    I am not Cindye’s spokesperson but when I helped her in her campaign last summer, I
    witnessed her knocking on thousands of doors, putting together a state of the art phone bank with bar codes. Not one person in the Republican Party can out work her. She gave it her whole heart as a Conservative Republican in a district that is 75% democrat and she only lost by 180 votes! The numbers do not lie!

    Cindye appeals to Conservatives period. It really does not matter if she is a republican or a democrat as long as she is a Conservative .
    It just so happens that her district is mostly democrat. She lost by 150 votes in ’04 abd 180 votes in ’06. That means the democrats are gaining ground but they still are voting for her.

    Democrats are not stupid – they know a workhorse when they see one ( unlike republicans) . They know fire in the belly when they see it ( unlike republicans) . That is what they see in Cindye Coates in her district. Democrats love women candidates also. She will be the next State House Rep in District 37.

    Anything to win is right!

    The former Cobb Republican Women’s club presidents rejected Cindye because they are moderates and she is a Conservative. That message has been sent loud and clear. They did not help her in her State House campaigns. She would be a fool to think they will help her in 2008.

    I can not believe I am saying this. I have always loved the republican party but after seeing how Rockefeller Republicans destroy the working class Regan Republicans, I am discusted.

    FYI- Cindye is working with Dr. Alveda King promoting HB-1. Dr. King ( neice of MLK) is a democrat. hummmm this could be interesting!

  18. mainstream GOP says:

    Cindye, the Democrats will see a overly ambitious lady that was twice the GOP nominee, who is now running as a Democrat in the Primary against a respected incumbent…and you think you can fool them in to supporting you in this endevor.

  19. GOPeach says:

    Holly, Bill, or Susan ( I am sure) …

    You have no idea who Cindye is. Because of her ministry and business, she is friends with democrats, republicans, libertarians, etc…

    She is loved by CONSERVATIVES- period!
    Because that is who she is. You know so little.
    You are showing your ignorance.

  20. GAGirl says:

    You’re an idiot Cindye! No one on this thread is Holly or Susan. Susan doesn’t even post. She probably doesn’t even read it. Bill always uses his real name.

    What happened to you attacking Sue Everhart for attending events with Democrats a while back?????????? It’s OK for the prophet (Cindye/you) but not Sue???

    You really are nuts Cindye. I almost feel bad for you. Almost.

    You wanna talk about ignorance then lets start with you! Anyone who praises Anthony-Scott Hobbs doesn’t know what in the hell they are talking about. Clear the fog from the glasses and remove the filters from the ears Cindye. His crew screwed the Cobb GOP for years. Hardly worth your praise of him at the convention.

    Just out of curiosity, do you even think about the stuff that comes out of your mouth before you say it???

  21. shep1975 says:

    I like how Cindye used, “the speech I was planning on giving” in her praising of Anthony.

    Political Rule #2: Know your audience.

    In this case, don’t pull out your victory speech and start giving it when everyone has already been there for almost 6 hours.

  22. GOPeach says:

    Jason Shepherd-

    I am positive Cindye know her audience. I was told Sue , Scott Charwick and Scott caucused with Randy Evans before hand requesting Cindye not be allowed to speak. That was smart on their part! Ask Roger Hines if she would not have taken the day!

    Talking to the snake pit is her specialty. She has had great training with the Teen Age Republicans ( GAG – Jade Morey). 🙂

    GAG ( Jade )

  23. GAGirl says:

    Snake pit Cindye? You’re the one who sent out an attack e-mail about me and then instead sent me a two-faced e-mail praising me.

    I don’t care if every one knows that GAGirl is me. Everything I’ve ever said is the truth.

    Get over the fact that you lost Cindye and move on.

  24. shep1975 says:

    You probably don’t get much further to the right in that room than myself, especially when you talk both social and economic issues. And you’re correct, we are not as stupid as you think…most of us voted for Scott Johnson.

    Scott Johnson was the last person at the convention to talk. He threw out his prepared speech because he realized after almost 6 hours, no one would want to hear it. He spent less than a minute to thank everyone and that was it.

    I stayed around to the end to help make sure that Bill Simon wasn’t punished for his outspokeness by being left off th County Committee (which he was), as a delegate to the 6th District Convention (which he was) and the State Convention. I don’t agree with everything Simon says or how he says it, but this is still a free country where one of our most cherished rights is to be critical of our political leaders. Michael Altman’s comment under his breath while standing at the microphone (and he started to look around after he said it hoping no one cuaght it) that, “Isn’t Simon a Democrat.” just goes to show the vindictive nature of some of these so-called “conservatives.”

    Conservative to me means protecting and defending our Constitution, and those who are brave enough to risk their own reputations to speak out against what they see as injustices.

  25. GOPeach says:

    WOW! That was a good guess 🙂

    You should never address Dr. Coates as “Cindye”. I do not think she would like that since you are her son’s age.
    GAG – Jade Morey. I heard you got mad at Dr.
    Coates last summer when she questioned you about something that occured at a Teen Age Republican Meeting.

    It’s kids like you that make the Teen Republicans a click for nerds. Kyle Coates said once regrets ever having been associated with the Teen Age Republicans. I can see why now. You are quite evil.

    The State Chairman of the Teen Age Republicans should remember Ronald Reagans 11 the Commandment. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I just got an e-mail listing all the Sub-District Chairs for the Cobb GOP. A Sub-district Chair is stepping down and Kyle Coates , the Secretary, is moving up. He is now a Sub-district Chair. He sits on the Exective Board now with a vote.

    Maybe you should move on, Jade.

    I think he has surpassed the Teen Republicans, College Republicans and Young Republicans. He is battle hardened and will be a force to be reckoned with in the days ahead. I think you owe him and his family a public appology.

  26. bowersville says:

    Not addressing her as anything but Dr. Coates, but has Coates become a turn coat and become a Democrat, the party of free choice to abort?

  27. JasonW says:

    As a former State Executive Board Officer of the Teenage Republicans (Vice-Chair South) under Jade, and being the current chairman of the GC & SU College Republicans, with Jade being our organizations Secretary, I am whole-heartedly supporting Jade in her leadership of the Teen Republicans. She created an organization, that none thought could even sustain it for one year, a large organization that involved many young people in politics. She ran the organization effeciently, effectively, and more than adquately. I am proud to have served under her.

  28. GOPeach says:

    Bower –

    Zell Miller is a Pro-life Democrat!
    There are lots of Pro-Life Democrats!
    I hope Cindye considers it. It would be smart.

  29. Donovan Head says:

    For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Donovan Head and I am the 2nd Vice Chairman of the GA Teen-Republicans, I was the former Chairman of the Cobb Teen Republicans.

    Jade Morey has been one of my closest friends since she founded the Cobb Teen Republicans in August of 2003. She encouraged me to join her at the State Level a couple of years ago, and I was sad to see her go off to College, but I am happy and encouraged because there is no doubt in my mind that Jade is a future inflential leader in Georgia politics, and a rising star in our party.

    GOPeach, I am not sure who you are…but I resent your remark about the Teen-Republicans and about Jade Morey.

    I have been reading your posts over the last couple of days, and I am disgusted that some one your age would sink to such a juvenile level.

    Mrs. Coates has helped me in several ways over the past couple of years, one of those ways was being my tutor in Algebra. Every Wednesday night I enjoyed going over to her house and taking politics with her and Kyle as she helped me comprehend whatever chapter I was on in my Algebra book. We would often talk about her campaingn, and I have to say..I have never heard of you. To my understanding only her immidiate family extensively helped her with that campaign, which is contrary to your claim that you were by her side. I have been thinking of a woman in her 40’s who closely helped her campaign, and knows who Jade Morey is (most likeley knowing me as well), and I can’t think of anyone.

    You site the 11th Commandment as said by Ronald Reagan “Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican”, which we have all been guilty of breaking here and there…but for you to rattle this off is a complete hypocrisy.

    You have called us a “snake pitt” and “a click for nerds”..but you should know that when WE are in our 40’s..we will have much better and far more imortant things to do than post on Peach Pundit under a false name, attacking teenagers!

    Further more, you are disrespecting Mrs. Coates by dragging this issue and her name through the mudd. I know she would not say this about us or Jade. Scott Johnson won with over 2/4 of the vote and you need to let this go. Mrs. Coates is a qualified leader and one day may make a good Cobb GOP Chair, but now was not her time.

  30. Bill Simon says:

    Michael Altman is a sleazy little piece of sh**.

    The only way people like ASH, Molesky, and Altman can be called “conservatives” is if they are called Conservative Communists…because they are all just as sleazy little liars as the Communists are.

    Peach, you’re an idiot. ALSO…Cindye is going to receive an Ethics Complaint one of these days…filed by ME.

    I cannot wait for her to run for office again so I can keep filing ethics complaints against her.

  31. Mary Ann Barfield says:

    Dr. Coates,

    I was uncertain as to whether or not you would be upset that I had chosen to support Mr. Johnson’s team, yesterday but I cannot say that your opinion matters to me anymore. After reading several things here, I’ve realized you are hardly the minister I thought you were.

    I know that you’re GOPeach. Your e-mails have the same style of writing and you incorrectly spell the same words. I also know that you’re concerned with South Cobb County, but I have seen you work to tear down a good, sweet man simply because he was running for the same position as you. Anything to get into power, right? How dare you ask Jade Morey to apologize at nineteen, when you sit, in your forties, ripping a man you call “friend,” to pieces. And how dare you drag your son into this. Kyle is bright and passionate and could do so much with his life if you would just let him go. You call yourself a minister? You tell your child, “This is the way Christians act.” Lying, back-stabbing, and attacking good people? Maybe you should review the eleventh commandment and, in the meantime, look at the other ten, because before you demand that people call you “Dr.” and recognize you as a woman of God, maybe you should try acting like one.

  32. GAGirl says:

    You know, I’ve sat here and debated whether or not to dignify your comments by replying. The ONLY reason I am is because I feel it’s nesessary for anyone reading this to know the truth.

    Cindye, you lost my respect the day you attacked me personally in an e-mail to my fellow teens. Not only did you send them an e-mail blaming me for all of the problems under your sons leadership within the Cobb Teen Republicans, within minutes you sent an e-mail to me praising my efforts. If that’s not hypocritical, I don’t know what is. I just love it when grown adults who claim to be ethical lie. Especially one who was running for public office at the time.

    Going down in flames? No, see that would be what you did on Saturday Cindye. 55 to 166 I believe?

    As far as RR’s “11th Commandment” goes Mrs. Coates, I do believe it was you who attacked me first. So shame on YOU!

    I have nothing to apologize for and I stand behind everything that I’ve said, unlike some people!

    You’re the one that should be ashamed and apologizing…a grown woman pretending to be someone else, attacking people with false accusations in the wee hours of the morning.

    I guess I’m going to have be the ADULT here and end this. I know what I did was right in that situation and this one. You can ask any of my peers questions concerning my past or my character. I refuse to continue to dignify your remarks Cindye. They are childish and not worth my time. Goodnight.

  33. JasonW says:


    I’ve known Jade and worked with her for almost 5 years, and as long as I’ve worked with her, I’ve never once seen her act as a “control” freak. And I agree with both Jade and Donovan (both of whom I consider friends) that you were the one that broke Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, not Jade.

  34. JasonW says:

    Oh, and about Cindye running as a democrat for her seat? PLEASE DO…We republicans can get much satisfaction from crossing over and voting against you in the primary. We have great experience with that. 🙂

  35. mainstream GOP says:

    Cindye, I think you should make our day, go ahead and switch parties….just don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  36. GOPeach says:

    Donovan Head,

    I have heard of you but I never met you. We had Teen Pact kids voluteering but not the Teen Aged Republicans. I remember that woman in charge of it being really mean to Kyle and when I recently asked Mrs Coates about it, she said that Kyle had been really hurt by the entire Teen Age Republican Group. She said Kyle was turning 18 and would be leaving. He was glad to get out because he had never been trained by the leaders as they were all pretty clueless . They never helped him or supported him. And I tried to write a check after the campaign and found out they could not get a checking account open because Jade Morey, the Chairman, did not offer any help with it. I never forgot Jade Morey’s name.

    If I am disrespecting Mrs. Coates, then I am sorry. That is not my intention. I have utmost respect for her as does everyone who knows her personally. I feel like I let her down because I planned on being at the Nominating Committe meetings and was out of town with my grandchildren. I made such a big deal here on PP about being at the Convention and I was not there . I really let her down. I believe you are right that it is not her time to be chairman. of the Cobb GOP. She really loves the Republican Party and yet they have failed her so terribly. I have never seen anything like it. She does not owe them anything in my oppinion.

  37. GOPeach says:

    Okay, Let’s look at this thread:

    Jade Morey slings mud first: GAGirl // Mar 23, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    Jade Morey slings mud as again:
    GAGirl // Mar 24, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    Jade attacks again:
    GAGirl // Mar 25, 2007 at 6:47 pm

    Jade –

    You are 19 ! …..
    Former State Chairwoman of the Georgia Association of Teen Republicans Former Chairwoman and Founder of the Cobb County Teen Republicans…

    No wonder Kyle wanted out.

    Mary Barfield-

    I am not Cindye Coates.

    But if you really knew Kyle, you would know that he loves and respects hos and by dishonoring his mothetr, you have dishonored him. Political nerds would not know these things. Is this Christian?

    You need to carefully read the posts Mary.
    I never spoke ill of Scott Johnson…..
    I am sure he will do fine. He is in my prayers.

  38. GOPeach says:

    * But if you really knew Kyle, you would know that he loves and respects his parents nd by dishonoring his mother, you have dishonored him. Not good.

  39. GOPeach says:


    I would rather mispell words than slander people -adefaming the character of someone. You need to get your facts straight.

  40. Mary Ann Barfield says:

    I deeply regret the hurtful statements I have made towards Dr. Cindye Coates and I seriously hope that no one took the rantings of an immature teenager as credible. I apologize to Dr. Coates and her family and to the Republican Party for my conduct. I now realize that my behavior has far strayed from my Christian values and I am fortunate that the Coates family was noble and moral enough to forgive me. I hope that in the future you will disregard any childish comments posted under this name and continue to acknowledge the Coates family as the kind leaders they are.

  41. drjay says:

    this has got to be one of the most bizarre threads i have ever perused. the internal politics of the cobb gop are more fun than human beings should be allowed to have

  42. GOPeach says:

    Mary Ann –

    Babe would be proud of you.I am sorry for saying that you guys were nerds.
    I was mad. I love C-biscuit and KC.

    I remember KC gave up playing basketball his senior year to get into the Teen GOP Club.
    He was good. His dad played at UNC – he had
    the Tarheel genes. Oh well.

  43. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Is Mary Ann possessed? What happened? Zombies!

    Whats next? Jade and Donovan apologizing…Ashley?

  44. GOPeach says:

    This just in:

    An e-mail from Scott Johnson

    My friends,

    Thank you for the confidence you expressed in me on Saturday. Now it is time to come together for the good of our party. As your chairman, I have a request to make of you. Let’s make it all of our agenda to begin today to unite our Cobb Republican Party. It is simply the right thing to do.

    Cindye Coates is not my enemy – far from it. As a matter of fact, we are friends and have been since we met in 2004. We didn’t relish running in the same race for that reason. But of course, when you are engage in a race, you have to run to win. In the frenzy of a race and even a Convention, sometimes things are said that we might not otherwise say. That may not be good but it happens. Now, the Convention is over. Now, let’s leave it in the past.

    Our party has been divided for years. I don’t want there to be anything that would further that division. I am all about restoration. It is up to me to lead us in that direction and I am asking each and every one to follow. Please, no more discussion on blogs or anywhere else that might injure Cindye Coates or her family. I know I can count on you.

    Thank you,


  45. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Me and Cindye (along with the son of Jane) have talked. I did not do anything negative.

    BTW-Mary Anns mother wrote that, only after being called and threatened by a lawsuit by Cindye.

  46. Mary Ann Barfield says:

    That is absolutely untrue. I made the mistake and I made the apology. You may call my mother and ask her.

    I assure you that Dr. Coates is far beneath law-suits.

  47. GOPeach says:

    Just got this in….

    A letter from Dr. C- biscuit ..

    March 26, 2007

    Dear Fellow Delegates,

    I want to take this time to congratulate our new chairman and the executive board on Saturday’s landslide victory. I truly believe they will all do a great job and I want to encourage you all to stand with them and stay faithfully active.
    Because I did not know many of you, I wanted to share something that happened when I was leaving the convention.

    As I walked out to the lobby, I was stopped by a long-time member who said a rumor started the day before at the Friday Women’s Luncheon, The rumor was that I was planning to switch parties if I lost the chairman seat. For the record, I am a Reagan Republican and when it comes to politics, I often ask myself” “ WWRD? ” or What Would Reagan Do? I doubt Reagan would become a democrat!

    When it comes to the south side of Cobb, I like to think of Rudy Giuliani, a republican mayor in liberal New York City. With the right support, State House 37, can be won by a republican. Perhaps at some point, we will see this happen.

    As I walked out to my car with my youngest son, Tyler (age 12), I told him Mr. Scott Johnson and his team had won. He smiled really big and said, “ Oh good! I got my mom back!” What a note to end on.


    Cindye Coates

  48. GOPeach says:

    That is what we say at Passover Seder

    It is a Jewish thing.
    It refers to the coming of the plan of God!

    We move from today into tomorrow-
    a declaration of hope!

  49. ConservativeCaucus says:

    well said drjay. We had an election… Two fine people submitted themselves (and their teams) for service and the people have spoken. Can we please move on and start helping limited government Republicans get elected to office?

  50. GOPeach says:


    No someone just compared the coming of the
    plan of God to an upcoming State House
    campaign in 08!

    Conservative Caucus —

    “Can we please move on and start helping limited government Republicans get elected to office?”

    Coates in the House ’08

    a LIMITED GOVERNMENT candidate.
    PROTECTOR of :
    1. The Unborn
    2. Property Rights
    3. Right to Bare Arms

    Newt lost, Lincoln lost…
    The best loose and when they do get in….
    the change the world!

    … next year in Jer USA lem!

  51. GOPeach says:

    Just saw a picture of Scott Johnson hugging Bill Simon at the Cobb Convention.

    A picture paints a 1,000 words.

    That says it all.

  52. GOPeach says:

    Here’s a thought….

    Scott Johnson won the chairman race with only 15o votes .

    Cindye Coates lost her State House race by only 150 votes and gained 8,011 votes.

    Only 150 votes.

  53. GOPeach says:

    Bill –

    Scott got 150 votes
    Cindye got 50 votes-

    Had 150 more people showed for Cindye
    she would have had 200 to Scotts 150.
    She would have won by 50 votes …

    Boys are bad at math and STILL won’t ask
    for directions!


    You are such a mystic 🙂

  54. Bill Simon says:

    Peach…once again, you’re streaking through space in another galaxy.

    The “150 votes” I was referring to was the number of votes Cindye kept claiming that she lost to Terry Johnson by, when she actually lost by 300 votes.

    Last Saturday, the vote count was about 170 to 52.

  55. GOPeach says:



    You are ONCE again showing your ignorance in
    what happens in COBB COUNTY on the
    13th Congressional line!! You take the margin and divide by 2!!!

    It was a SWING MARGIN! 150 votes!

    Last Saturday’s Vote Count was

    222 delgates
    58 – Coates
    164 – Johnson

    So actually it was 106 vote difference

  56. GOPeach says:

    Can’t help but think how many delgates changed
    their mind when they heard the false rumors that Cindye was supporting ASH. ( NOT)

    She had never planned on attending the State Convention because it was her Wedding Anniversay.

    She never supported either candidate….
    She knew she would not be voting.

  57. Bill Simon says:


    The only way the “swing” had a chance of happening in Cindye’s state house race was that IF she could have convinced 151 of those voters who voted for Terry Johnson to vote for her. She couldn’t and she didn’t…therefore, her math doesn’t make sense now or before.

    Only to an idiot like you would it make sense.

  58. GOPeach says:

    Bile Slime On –

    Please note that Scott Johnson has never worked to win 8011 votes.

    You will never be able to take that away from Cindye. She is relentless! I pray to God she joins the democrat party. Terry Johnson is a finer person than you are.

  59. GOPeach says:

    People who have more class than Bill Simon:

    Jimmy Carter
    Roy Barnes
    Jane Kidd
    Buddy Darden
    Jim Martin
    Mark Taylor
    Cathy Cox
    Cynthia McKinney

    I would rather support all of the above
    than if Bill Simon ran for anything.

    A Democrat is better than Bill Simon.

  60. GOPeach says:

    So Bill-

    Do you support John Konop as US Senator?
    I heard he is running against Saxby as a Democrat.

    You are his BIG BUDDY so are you endorsing him?

  61. GOPeach says:

    Bile –

    You think you are a flippin political maven.
    I pitty the people who see you as a guru.
    You think you are such an “insider”. LOL

    How old are you Bill … 46?
    You act like you are 16!!!

    I bet CASH money you are a Sagitarius –
    careless, irresponsible, superficial
    tactless, & restless !!!!

    That’s you Bile! I know !

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