Podcamp Atlanta hits the newswire.

I just received this email from Rusty, frequent PP commenter and big time new media powerbroker.

We made national news!

The Associated Press wrote a story about PodCamp Atlanta, the podcasting unconference my girlfriend Amber, me and a woman named Penny Haynes organized that took place last weekend.

It was first picked up by five or six Georgia papers (Athens, Columbus, Macon, Rome, Hall County), then the national press picked it up either yesterday or today. So far, those include the Baltimore Sun, the Boston Herald, Businessweek, the Chicago Tribune, Forbes, the Houston Chronicle, Newsday, the Sacramento Bee, USA Today, the Washington Post, and many others:

Google News

There were even two outlets in the UK that picked it up, so I guess we’re world-wide!

For our Democratic friends, I’ve provided a link to the Fox News story on PodCamp. 😉

Also of note: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has not picked up this story.

Congrats to Rusty, Amber and their team.


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