Georgia Republicans Hiding the Law [UPDATED]

Just to be clear, at some point in the last few days, Lexis/Nexis started charging for access to the Georgia Code. This was apparently in error and after this post went up, the State Legislature’s staff sprung into action and was able to get Lexis/Nexis to correct the problem.

One of the great things that states these days do is make their code of laws freely available for public searching. Georgia has had a great, easy to use unannotated version of its laws online for several years, until now.

While ignorance of the law is no excuse, Georgians should now be able to say the legislature has stiffed them. No longer does the legislature provide free access to the laws they write. Now you have to pay to get a Lexis/Nexis account (not a cheap option) to search the Georgia Code.

If this is what the GOP does at the managerial level in the legislature, while overlooking the fact that its 800 number is now a phone sex line, perhaps we need to put Democrat managers back in charge.

UPDATE: I did call the House Public Information Office and I guess they were so perplexed by the porn line that they didn’t contradict me on the paid Lexis/Nexis Account.

I’m told by a Senate source, however, that there was never an intention for this to be a paid service via Lexis and Lexis is working to fix the problem and make it free again.


  1. john.d says:

    call someone’s office and ask the person who answers the phone to look it up for you.

    We have free access.

  2. Burdell says:

    This must have changed just in the last couple of days. Assuming this isn’t an error, it is a truly saddening development.

    I seem to remember this happening once before during the session, though, and it was corrected relatively quickly. Could this just be a problem on LexisNexis’ end of things?

  3. john.d says:

    I think needing access to lexis/nexis has been that way for a bit, at least since the end of session.

    I know my Uni pays a good bit for access.

  4. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    To be honest, I think it’s just a glitch…Like some states, it was converted over to Lexis/Nexis before the session and access was free…I’m sure that it will be restored shortly. Let’s hope anyway.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    But…while we’re on the subject…when it wasn’t on Lexis-Nexus, the lookups for research of OCGA were a piece of cake. Now we have to punch-down a whole bunch of bullets in order to MAYBE find the exact section of the Code to cite.

  6. Rick Day says:

    Deac….sorry but you are wrong on this one. There were links: on the SOS page, the Legislature site and even that automatically redirected you to the L-N log-in.

    Being a paralegal that has had access to Lexis-Nexus, I know exactly how much it would cost for using L-N. and it ain’t cheap.

    If this link,
    had been put into the above said sites, then your dismissal would be accurate.

    There was no conclusion to make, other than one would now pay for access to the O.C.G.A.

    No conclusion was jumped. It was a fair assessment.

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