A Bad Idea Moves Forward

I doubt the Senate will stop it though.

Georgia took a big step Tuesday toward holding its presidential primaries earlier next year when the House of Representatives voted to join many other states signing up for a national primary day.

House Republican leaders said Georgia should move its nominating contests up from the first Tuesday in March to Feb. 5 so the state could have a bigger impact on the race for the White House. The measure now goes to the Senate for consideration.

Moving the primaries up poses the tremendous risk that both sides will pick inferior candidates than those who have to stand the test of a primary season. We all know that primaries make better candidates, though most candidates hate the primaries. No doubt had the Democrats extended their primary season, Kerry would have either improved as a candidate or the Dems would have found someone else.

A shorter season also prevents some quality potential candidates like Fred Thompson from being truly viable alternatives to the guys who are currently running.


  1. Paul Shuford says:

    Doesn’t this bill also include the “you only need 45% to win” provision as well that essentially kills 3rd parties in Georgia?

  2. ConservativeCaucus says:


    I am not certain if it was in that bill or another one passed the same day, but yes, the incumbency protection act of 45% was passed on Tuesday.

  3. bowersville says:

    Several points and a couple of inquiries. Some off topic, but at the end a few thoughts and on point.

    I didn’t find the 45% thingy on for 21 or 22, March, please provide further info. I searched via GLW.com and I couldn’t find it.

    SENATOR JOHN DOUGLAS: I know you have Richard Ingram as an intern, I applaud you. Ingram offers strong leadership, encouragement, and never failing inspiration for the cadets at NGCSU, and he is a role model for every civilian and soldier.

    Why did you feel the necessity for a resolution calling for the Georgia Board of Regents to acknowledge the contribution of cadets from NGCSU to our freedom? Are the regents threatning the program? I’m asking because I don’t know and I have a vested interest (son in the program). Or are you doing this because of the actions of Democrats in DC?

    As for the 5 Feb. primary, Drudge is reporting Florida will go on 29 January with an option to go earlier. The February primary in Georgia becomes less important.

    Soon, all primaries will go so early, and pick inferior candidates and we will witness the legislature going into emergency session, the conventions going full circle, and empowering the electors to vote free will. Then there will be a real convention.

    I was unable to get the link to work, but Google sun-sentinel.com, use their search engine, enter primary, presidential primary, presidential primary January and you’ll find it.

  4. CHelf says:

    If you have about 20 states rushing to have their Primary election on the same day, what good does it do for Georgia. While it does move Georgia up with a bulk of the other states, it still waters down the effect we do have.

    Anyone who gets in at this point or who is behind will make plays on larger states and perhaps even avoid the states other camps have established grassroots organizations in.

    While those supporters of this are correct in this making us a player, although VERY small, this whole system of running up the dates only helps those on top right now and those established in certain states. Seeing how no one appears to be satisfied with who is in, this only makes the current field the established one.

    What I would like to see is our influence with other states (Governor, this is meant for you and your influence with the other governors) come into an agreement on established dates for these Primaries. Perhaps the Governors’ Association can make some proposal to take back to their states to set up a system in which states are set up for specific dates and load them where more states are toward the end and not the beginning. This would be a slow progression where the winner would not hit the threshold until much further along the process.

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