Parting Shots on Stem Cells

Jim Wooten wrote this column yesterday, “Stem cell bill covers ethical bases; pass it.”

The Senate followed Wooten’s advice but not until after David Adelman and Nan Orrock tried to add embryo destructive research to the bill. Adelman and Orrock were voted down by a large margin, but they retaliated by trying to block the whole bill. It passed 39 to 15, with 7 Democrats joining 32 Republicans.

Amazingly, Adelman and Orrock were willing to block cures for diseases such as sickle cell anemia because the Senate would not go along with letting them use taxpayer money to conduct embryo destructive experiments. This was a bad vote for the Democrats who went along with them.


  1. Crean says:

    The Democrats are always trying to make the Republicans sound anti-science, but they were the ones voting against science and medicine today. Umbilical stem cells have been used treat leukemia, lymphoma and sickle cell — but Adelman is against trying to cure thoses disease unless he can get the taxpayers to pay for killing embryos. It really shows the contempt that Democrats have for unborn life.

  2. J.J. says:

    Not all Democrats agree with the Adelman-Orrock approach. Many were uncomfortable with both their policy position and their tactics, as evidenced by the vote.

  3. TommyT says:

    Yeah, grifter, we should let people die of other diseases just because you cannot get the taxpayers to destroy embryos. Whatever you think of embryonic research, there was no good reason to vote against Shafer’s bill. Wooten is right, Adelman and Orrnock are wrong!

  4. griftdrift says:

    No TommyT, I’m referring to Adelman’s effort to provide storage for embryos discarded by fertility clinics. No taxpayer money involved in the actual experiments at all. Embryos that will be discarded by the fertility clinics any way. An effort that was killed by the republicans.

    But feel free to continue to distort the facts regarding stem cells. As we speak I’m pretty sure somewhere they are a whole mess of poor embryos sitting comfrotably in a garbage can.

  5. shelbinator says:

    Jeez, Grift, I sure hope they aren’t taxpayer-funded garbage trucks taking away those discarded embryos, or we’re all going to hell. With Alzheimer’s.

    Science is hard.

  6. Faye says:

    The hypocrisy knows no bounds: Technically the state of GA already funds the “destruction” of embryos, by covering IVF treatments in its state employee health benefit.

    But to use state funds to for life-saving research that uses the medical waste from the IVF treatments so we can help more people than just those with sickle cell anemia, leukemia and lymphoma, is somehow wrong?!?

    Adelman just wanted the word “nondestructive” removed from the bill.

    “What’s wrong with just calling it ‘research’?” Adelman asked.

    IMO both umbilical cord and embryonic stem cell research is non-destructive, as in both cases medical waste is simply recycled for life-saving research.

    To imply that ESCR is destructive is rediculous. What could be more Pro-Life?
    1. to recycle medical waste for life-saving research, or
    2. to let medical waste perish in the trash

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