I agree with Rep. Davis.

In this post Davis says:

1) Let’s don’t rush into a sales tax for transportation.

2) We need some consolidation of transportation agencies.


3) Private-Public partnerships can help solve our transportation problems.


  1. Until you actually read his post instead of the summary. He’s against any non-road building solution for Atlanta’s problems. He even spells out what he wants explicitly — highways, roads, and bridges — and that’s it.

    Steve Davis thinks that my choosing to live in a condo next to a MARTA station is the end result of some sort of Soviet social engineering experiment.

    Meanwhile, I can’t help thinking of all of the unsold home inventory out in Henry and Butts and the clogged roads potential buyers have to drive on to get out there. No wonder an exurban realtor wants taxpayers to pick up the tab for more lanes and more highways to keep subsidizing a way of life (work > hour from where you live and drive/sit in traffic everyday to get there) that can’t sustain itself without massive state infrastructure investment.

    I must say, I’m also against the sales tax proposals, but for different reasons. He’s worried wisdom will prevail and Henry voters may endorse transportation alternatives that he’ll then have to pay for along with them. I’m worried that people like Davis will intervene before it gets to the voters and spend our taxpayer money how David Doss wants before we get a say.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Context Sensitive Growth and transportation planning based on Metropolitan Statistical Area by local planning commissions would be a good way to get started on improving transportation in our state.

  3. Decaturguy says:

    Good call, Chris.

    Harry, Rep. Davis is more of a breath of rotten care emission exhaust, rather than fresh air.

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