Cagle supports expression of regret.

The proposed resolution apologizing for slavery gained a very powerful ally yesterday:

The lieutenant governor’s involvement guarantees the resolution will reach the floor for a full vote of the Senate. Cagle said he expected his chamber to move quickly, with none of the emotional debates prompted by previous discussions of Southern history — particularly over the state flag and the Confederate battle emblem.

“It’s one of those issues there’s very strong emotions for,” Cagle said. “They’ve made their case that we’ve never done that in Georgia, and I think the timing is probably right that we express our regret for something that happened over 100 years ago.”

Earlier this month, the NAACP called on the General Assembly and Perdue to apologize for Georgia’s official sanction of slavery, a proposal that many leading lawmakers initially rebuffed. That rejection became more controversial last week, when a Senate committee cleared the way to have April declared “Confederate History and Heritage Month.”


  1. Bill Simon says:

    “Expressing regret” is good…”apologizing” is bad. Good to know SOMEONE has their head screwed-on straight in the leadership of the Senate.

  2. Mad Dog says:


    “The reality is we pass a lot of resolutions that pass on sympathy and regret,” Casey Cagle.

    It’s what the great man does best, pass meaningless paper.


  3. Mad Dog says:


    Let’s not dwell on the bad parts of our past not if we can have an entire month to celebrate the good.

    And, attract tourists.

    Now what were the good parts of slavery based economic systems that we’re going to share with the whole after we make a paper resolution … that the slavery thing wasn’t all that good of an idea in retrospect?

  4. Demonbeck says:

    Make the apology and move on. Don’t make it and we continue to be stuck at an impasse.

    I think the decision is pretty clear.

  5. dingleberry says:

    The ACC has turned into one of the absolute worst conferences in major college athletics. Their bowl performance was embarrassing as is their performance in both the NCAA Tournament and the NIT.

    Face it, the SEC is where it is at.

  6. Demonbeck says:


    Right on! End women’s suffrage!


    I will always unabashedly support the Old Gold and Black in the ACC. Them and whoever is playing Carolina.

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