MCG Dental school to be named after Norwood?

State Senator Jim Whitehead (R-Evans) introduced legislation today which would do just that.

“Charlie Norwood’s lifetime dedication to dental health coupled with stalwart support for MCG throughout his congressional career more than merits naming the new dental school in his honor,” said Whitehead, according to a press release. “But his role as perhaps the leading health care reformer in Congress over the last decade demands it.”

Norwood, a career dentist, served as such first in the Army’s MASH corps, and then in private practice.

According to the release:

Whitehead’s resolution urges the Medical College of Georgia to “honor the lifetime achievements and legacy of the Honorable Charlie Norwood D.D.S. of Augusta, Georgia, for his state, his nation, and his profession by naming the new dental school after him.”


  1. drjay says:

    as a graduate of the mcg-s.o.d. i think this is a great idea and fully support it and will contact my legislators to express that feeling.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    You could say that it’s pretty much the exact opposite of announcing candidacy about an hour after Norwood’s death.

    Gee, wonder why one example is still in the 10th CD race (and being talked about as the frontrunner), and the other had to drop out in semi-disgrace…..

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