10th CD and GA-47 update

A couple developments that occurred while I was out of town last week have come to my attention. First, Brian Kemp said that the statement released about his running against Hudgens next year was a bit premature, and that, while “he is disappointed Hudgens reversed course,” and “may challenge the Madison County lawmaker in the Republican primary next year,” for now his plan is “to hang loose here for a few days and kind of assess things.”

One Oconee County party member said that he thinks Kemp “is leaning towards running, but wanted to evaluate and talk to folks before making a primary challenge official.”

Hudgens, appearing on Athens 1340AM radio host Tim Bryant’s show on Tuesday morning, apparently said that he “called Kemp before dropping out” of the 10th CD race, and that he “urged Kemp to run for Congress” rather than to continue his bid for Hudgens’ seat next year.

Call me crazy, but those sound like the words of a man who is desperate to keep whatever governmental position he can get, as well as one who is scared to death of a primary challenge.

In other 10th CD news, Paul Broun, Jr. has a website up. Interesting logo.


  1. joshdondich says:

    Paul Broun, Jr has a good campaign going. His campaign looks good. I hope the 10th congressional district remains competitive. I do live or vote in the 10th district, but it still would be nice to see a off-year special election race be competitive.

  2. PeggyP says:

    Paul- Brian Kemp was an awesome state legislator. Georgia will be served well by him being back in elected office. I wish there were more like him who couldn’t “stand not being in office.”

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