We Are All Still Racist

That’s what I take from the wording of the slavery apology resolution being considered by the House.

A draft of Rep. Al Williams’ (D-Midway) four-page measure traces the history of slavery from ancient times to the arrival of slaves in Jamestown. The resolution also refers to slavery’s role in the Civil War, the subsequent lynchings of African-Americans and the system of Jim Crow laws that were designed to enforce racial segregation.

“In Georgia,” the resolution reads, “the vestiges of slavery are ever before African-American citizens, from the overt racism of hate groups to the subtle racism encountered when requesting health care, transacting business, buying a home, seeking quality public education and college admission, and enduring pretextual traffic stops and other indignities.”


  1. DutchDawg says:

    Somebody should tell Al that the reason he has trouble buying a house is because his credit score is probably in the toilet.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    If I had to apologize for ANY of my family members of mine, past or present, I’d be doing nothing but! Can’t we all just get on with contributing something to THIS life?

    Rep. Al needs to stop wasting his time and our tax dollars, and start indie blogging. I’m so tired of people whining into media, taking up valuable prime media real estate, with their bitching and moaning, like Elliot Jaspin for instance.

    You got issues nowadays, then shut-up in our faces and blog it! Especially if you’re on the Cox Plantation or taxpayer dime. Jeez.

  3. David says:

    What a waste of valuable legislative time. Slavery ended 140 years ago. Time to get over it, folks. It’s time to stop letting “guilt” run the society. If the blacks want to improve their lives then start studying and don’t worry about being “white.” Listen to what Bill Cosby has said about what needs to be done and quit whining.


    Get over it…. if the black leaders would quit “pimping” their ancestors and concentrate on the positive gains available to them today their world would be a better place. It’s sad their leadership has nothing better to rally behind.

  5. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Funny, I watched an episode of West Wing the other night that covered this…and Josh was completely against it also. Liberals hate black people too?

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