Boortz’s taxpayer addendum

Since there is so much talk of raising taxes, then our legislators should have no problem attaching this onto spending and tax bills:

The undersigned sponsors of the foregoing legislation understand that its passage and enactment into law will necessitate the expenditure of monies seized from the taxpayers of the State of Georgia Therefore, the undersigned sponsors do hereby affirm that they have read the foregoing legislation and that they fully understand the costs to be borne by the taxpayers.

Further, the undersigned sponsors do hereby state their belief that it is more important for the government of the State of Georgia to seize this money and spend it for the purposes outlined herein than it is to allow the persons who earned this money to retain it and spend it for their own needs and the needs of their families.


  1. ugadog says:

    Add: Every legislator has to sign that they realize when they don’t spend tax money how much it will cost us in future years. For example, when the Governor cuts education funding (and no businesses want to stay in or move to Georgia) or when we don’t spend money on preventative care, etc.

    It’s real easy to always say never spend money, I can get a rock to be just that effective. It’s hard to say that pooling x amount of dollars is going to result in greater dividends than if individuals were left to themselves.

  2. David says:

    Regarding the taxpayer spending for education, it sure has done a lot of good over the last 40 years hasn’t it? With a constant ranking of somewhere between 46-50, our students are pretty much a laughingstock to the rest of the nation. Ever increasing amounts of money in that department have pretty much been a waste of hard earned tax dollars. We do produce great fast-food workers, though. But hey, everyone has to be good at something!

  3. Mad Dog says:

    I can’t help but wonder out loud about the status of Georgia.

    We’re so poor that we must have federal dollars for Peachcare? Right? We’re not fighting to give money back to the Feds, are we?

    And, every dumb sob in the state screams and shouts about our great family values and how the FEDs are destroying that. Exactly what value does the Southern Family put on a proper education? It looks like none. I mean, I don’t see great teachers falling from the Heavens to work for free.

    The only time Southern Parents show up for school events is Friday night football and book burnings.


  4. Mad Dog says:


    Oh man! I really didn’t need to read that. I was just having fun picking on Jason Pye, a pirate and a good man, and you had to spoil my fun with a harsh reality.

    Yup, children having children is the only time “Parents” attend classes.

    I feel humbled, Doug. Thank you.

    Mad Dog

  5. Mad Dog says:


    Arrrgh! I thought it was funny at the time.

    Doug’s post got me thinking about the birth rate among unmarried wenches.

    It’s UP since 1994. Maybe I should not have called you a pirate.

    (Ain’t nothing wrong with being a pirate as long as you follow the code)

  6. Mad Dog says:


    Because of changes in data capture, I can’t really match current stats to pre-1994 stats or post 1997 stats.

    Your link states a birth rate among ‘teens’ of about 66 per 1000.

    An inquiry through OASIS shows a birth rate for the 18-19 year old “teen” at 88.2.

    The birth rate for unmarried mothers increased also by using this non-adjusted and maybe non-comparable data.

    The birth rate among mothers without a high school diploma also increased, again with the same qualifications about the data.

    No child left behind …

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