Regional option tax is not so optional…

A substitute for HB 434 passed out of subcommittee today that would make it harder for counties to opt out of a regional sales tax.

If a county votes it down they could still be bound to it if the region vote is more than 50%:

“If more than one-half of the votes cast within the region are in favor of the approving the intergovernmental contract and levying the tax, then the intergovernmental contract shall be approved and the tax shall be levied in each county within the region in accordance with this article and the terms of the resolution or ordinance of such county.”

There are still some ways to opt out…
– Don’t enter into the regional conference.
– Get 2/3 of the vote of the governing authority (county Board of Commissioners).
– Or if a voter in the county can get 10% of the registered voters that cast a ballot in the last general election.

That’s a bad deal. But today in an interview with Capitol Impact, the Speaker supposedly said he won’t call it for a vote on the House floor.


  1. joshdondich says:

    I have never heard of regional conference of counties. I do not like that idea. it sounds like a county level version of the European Union[EU]. the regional conferences sound very similar to it’s multi-national counterparts. example: if one nation rejects a law and it regional government has majority of support. that law is imposed on the country that voted against it. I oppose this bill HB 434 because we do not need more taxes and it unsurps the right of counties to reject tax laws through a regional conference. I urge people to contact their county commission to tell them you oppose a regional confernce, if the county you live is in a conference urge them to withdraw. We do not need more taxes and laws being imposed on Georgians in secrecy. this micro EU. The way things are going in Washington get ready for the Big Regional Conference The North American Union.

  2. formandfile says:

    Hmm. If the Doss plan passes instead I wonder what we’d use our splosting capability for? Fulton county could use another jail…and a bit of property tax rollback in Atlanta would be nice

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