Gang problem expands to rural Georgia.

From the Tifton Gazette:

“It is not so much crime as it is graffiti,” said Police Chief Walter Young. “Right now my problem has slowed down.”

Young said the gang problem in Omega is from the Norte-14 gang that was started in 1968. The gang in Tifton and Moultrie is SUR-13 that was started in 1957. Young said SUR-13 is known as The Mexican Mafia.

“Here the Hispanics, blacks and whites all run together,” he said.

“Usually they don’t do crimes in the town where they live,” Young said, explaining that Norte-14 would likely go to Tifton to commit crimes and SUR-13 might go to Omega.

“They mark their territory,” he said.

I’m glad to see local law enforcement involved and aware. However, gangs are spreading to all parts of Georgia. We’ve seen the MS-13 gang active in Gwinnett and I’m sure they and others are active in many other areas as well. We need to get a handle on this growing problem.