Irvin accused of ‘gassing’ pets.

A lawsuit accuses State Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin of allowing gassing of pets to continue:

The plaintiffs – former state Rep. Chesley Morton of DeKalb County, who sponsored the Humane Euthanasia Act, and a former Humane Society employee – allege that commissioner Tommy Irvin and his department “are aware of multiple, serious, ongoing violations” and have inspected and renewed licenses for animal shelters still using gas chambers to put animals to death, including shelters in Cobb County, Clayton County and the city of Macon.

The Humane Euthanasia Act was passed in 1990 and declared sodium pentobarbital – a sedative that causes rapid loss of consciousness followed by death – the exclusive method for killing stray, neglected, abandoned or unwanted animals. The law also said animals can not be left alone during the euthanization process.