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Since it looks like Kemp is taking on Hudgens in 2008. What happens to the usual incumbent protection plan in Senate? Every GOP State Senator had endorsed Kemp to fill the vacant seat left by Hudgens…now what?


  1. atlantaman says:

    It’s going to be real interesting, especially since Hudgens was one of the few Senators to break from the caucus and support Reed.

    Due to the uniqueness of the situation, I wonder if they’ll all just stay out of it…publicly at least.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Another interesting bit is that Kemp asked Hudgens for his blessing before announcing his bid. Hudgens provided it, and endorserd Kemp. Now he is back in that race.

    Clearly, Hudgens did not observe the 7 P’s of success (Proper Prior Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance). I think that the “incumbent protection plan,” as it were, goes up in smoke in this case.

  3. Bobby Kahn says:

    Refresh my recollection of the history. Didn’t Hudgens sponsor the mid-decade, non-political re-map that made the district more Republican so Kemp’s brother-in-law could win it, but also put Kemp in the Hudgens district?

  4. thepinkpanther says:

    Hudgens is in a great deal of trouble with Kemp as primary opposition. But an interiview in Sunday’s Athens paper makes it sound that Kemp has not made any definite plans. The article says that Kemp “has not made up his mind what his next move will be.” Perhaps Kemp is considering a run for the 10th? If he does run for Congress, and if he loses, then he can still run for Ralph’s seat in 08. Kemp’s name recognition is still high from his state-wide run for ag commish.


    Hudgens is done… his miscalculations and poor judgement will cost him in the district and his retreat to the senate will fail due to a sense of weakness whether true or perceived along with some decisions he made in the last primary. Think long think WRONG.

  6. MidGaDawg says:

    I’d love to see a Kemp mailer that trumpets an endorsement from Hudgens. “Look, even my opponent has to admit I’ll do a great job!”

  7. Capt. says:

    Great pony MidGaDawg. I think we will see a situation where a majority of the Republican Senate Caucus will support Kemp over Hudgens. If Kemp were just challenges Hudgens for the heck of it, I think many Senators would stay on the sideline, but I think now, after this stunt by Hudgens, they will clearly jump on board with Kemp in full force.

  8. Bud says:

    I believe it will be extremely hard for any Legislator or individual to take Hudgens seriously after this debacle. I believe, that this proves Ralph’s ineptitude as an effective State Senator and will give his constituents and his collegues even more of a desire to get rid of him.

  9. ugadog says:

    I’m no fan of Hudgins and will certainly not vote for him (I’m in the district) but I think that people are crazy to think that he’s done. Incumbency is going to be very powerful and Kemp is going to have to make a case for getting rid of him. Up to this point – I haven’t seen a compelling reason to get rid of him.


    It will be mano-a-mano and at the end of the day Kemp will be back in the Senate where he will do an excellent job. I hate it for Hudgens but as we all know this is a full contact sport and this whole ordeal has cost him (Hudgens) his job.

  11. Bill Arp says:

    Everybody hold your breath Bobby Kahn has weighted in….oh I forgot no one cares what he says anymore….good job bobby bring back some achient fact to try an make an article……how do you say disneygate….idiot

  12. Bobby Kahn,
    Why do Democratic commitee chairmen put spin on every story they can find. There is no conspiracy theory between Ralph Hudgens and Brian Kemp over redistricting. For the next year and a half Brian Kemp and Ralph Hudgens will be in a heated primary race for State Senate District 47.

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Jeff, shouldn’t you be having the 8th “P” in that mix? You know, for the “prayer” that Hudgens talks so much about doing that guides him so well in his life?

  14. My $.02 – Hudgens is a moron. He obviously wants to be in Congress, he ran once in South Georgia and also for the 10th in NE Georgia before Norwood won it.

    Now the 10th is an open district – how often does that happen? An open seat is the best shot for anybody to get to Congress bar none, and Hudgens is passing it up, which is stupid.

    The only thing I can possibly think of that would redeem Hudgens is that the Republican Party is so in the toilet nationally right now that just maybe he thinks in a special election a Democrat may sneak an upset here. If that were to happen, Whitehead would lose and would be shamed out of running in the general in ’08. At that point, Hudgens would look “dignified” for giving Whitehead a clean shot, so to speak, in the special and there would be pressure for Whitehead to move out of the way to give Hudgens a chance in the regularly scheduled general election.

    Granted, that scenario is a mile long freight train of “ifs”, but it’s possible. Special elections can be pretty screwy, and just look at Charles Jenkins who got elected in a special election in 2003 in a district that while held by a Democrat previously gave Bush 72% of the vote in 2004. The 10th “only” gave Bush about 62% of the vote that year.

    Another notable special election win by the Dems was Sonny Perdue’s 18th Senate District in 2002 upon his resignation to run for Governor. The 18th was won by Michael Moore and it was not the gerrymandered 18th either because those district lines did not take effect until the 2002 general election.

    So anyway, anything can happen in a special and this may be Hudgens’ play, but I think that gives him too much credit.

  15. Cotton Boll says:

    You guys ever think that maybe, just maybe, Hudgens does actually use prayer and spiritual guidance in his daily life and that he believes that through prayer that it is best for his family that he not run at this time? I know through past contact with him and his wife that they are very grounded in prayer and family. Since when did that become a negatibe Bill Simon? You should try it sometime.

  16. I guess God told Ralph Hudgens to pretend like he lived in an apartment in downtown Comer instead of his multi-acre estate in rural Madison County back when he needed to qualify for the 47th Senate District and the estate was in the 46th but the apartment was in the 47th.

  17. John Galt says:

    Whatever happened to that guy who ran against Casey Cagle in the GOP Lt. Gov. primary? I wonder why he isn’t running for Norwood’s seat?

  18. Bud says:

    Well John, wherever it is, Hudgens will be in the same place soon. And Cotton Ball, there is nothing wrong with praying. I pray everyday. And I am praying everyday that Georgia will be blessed enough to be rid of Ralph Hudgens in public office soon.

  19. Bud says:

    Also, Bobby Kahn, you are right, the political gerrymandering instituted by Ralph Hudgens is going to come back and bite him dead in the ass. Haha. It is funny how people always get what they deserved and how they work out for the best.

  20. JayHanley says:


    I agree that anything can happen in special elections, but in the special elections you cited, it should be noted that they were held before the law took effect that party affiliations must be listed on a special election ballot.

    It may not have made a lot of difference in those races (especially Jenkins’ race because as I remember the late Rep. Twiggs’ family and Zell Miller endorsed him.) However, the new party affiliation rule should be considered in analysis.

  21. Bill Simon says:


    I think prayer is fine…except, what exactly do you think Hudgens is “praying” for when he says he is going to “pray” on a problem.

    Most people say “I’m going to THINK about it.” I don’t want to make a blanket statement here on the value of prayer for some things…but, really, I believe that every time I hear a politician tell me/us that he/she is going to “pray” about an issue, I think they are only saying that to pump-up the appearance that they are a “prayerful person.”

    Pardon me if I don’t believe Hudgens is doing anything other than trying to fool people into thinking he is Mr. Religious….I smell phoney-baloney from him.

  22. DutchDawg says:

    chrisishardcore – Very true. Ralph claimed he lived on “chicken alley.” What a moron. People around there think he is the biggest idiot.

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