Hudgens to drop out?

Josh Kraushaar reports in the Politico:

Republican state Sen. Ralph Hudgens of Georgia is dropping out of the special election to replace the late Rep. Charlie Norwood, according to a source close to his campaign. Hudgens was considered one of the two leading candidates for the seat.

That departure leaves GOP state Sen. Jim Whitehead as the odds-on favorite, for now, to win the June 19 special election. Norwood, a Republican, died Feb. 13 after a long illness.

Hudgens had initially been seen as a frontrunner in the race to replace Norwood, who had held the Athens-based seat since 1995.

Hat Tip: Political Insider


  1. JayHanley says:

    I’ll believe this when I see it locally. I’m not so quick to believe a rumor from a Washington reporter.

  2. R.E.M. says:

    Not a rumer from what I understand. He commited to run and then crawfished out. I think he knows he will get beat pretty bad in a race with Whitehead. The question now is, what of Brian Kemp? Ralph endorsed him to run for his seat and now there is no possition for Kemp to run for. I think it will get very interesting in the 08.

  3. It is a special election. I am not suprised if there will be a few dropouts because with a packed race it would be hard to remain a frontrunner. There are so many candidates in this race for the 10th district that i predict no candidate will recieve higher than 35% percent of the popular vote.

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