Why Kill A Bad Idea When You Can Milk It For Money

So, a law was proposed to get rid of red light cameras. It was well received by the GOP. But then someone said, “Hey, instead of getting rid of them, why not confiscate the money they raise from the municipalities that deploy them?!”

So, now we have this.

A compromise on state regulations for traffic light cameras could give Georgia hospitals some of the money they want to beef up trauma care systems. But there are still hurdles to clear and groups to placate.

Legislation that would divert the lion’s share of profits generated by intersection cameras used to catch red light runners enjoys high-level support, though. So much so that Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson took the unusual step last week of testifying in favor of the bill before a House committee.

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  1. DougieFresh says:

    I love it when the government wants to encourage people to break laws so that they can fine people for revenue. No wonder we have such a wide disrespect for the law and police.

  2. Chris says:

    It does remove the economic incentive for a city or county to put up red light cameras. Now the only reason to do it is for “safety”.

    Not that I like red light cameras anymore, but it is an improvement.

  3. Rpolitic says:

    Why stop at red lights? Lets put them on stop signs too. That would really raise some revenue

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    Doesn’t matter, if it’s a revenue generator for government, they’ll find a way to keep them around and even proliferate them.

    Just like the income tax, we’ll have a very tough time getting rid of these things.

  5. shelbinator says:

    Or, you could just not run red lights, Tommy, and keep your paycheck. And the prospect of a robotic traffic ticket doesn’t encourage me to break the law, Dougie — quite the contrary, which I thought was the whole point. And what do you know, “The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drivers who run red lights are responsible for an estimated 92,000 vehicle crashes each year. About 950 of these involve fatalities” — so where would you rather divert the revenue instead of trauma centers??? Municipal Christmas lights? Man oh man, if this isn’t insight into the true Republibertarian mindset. It’s not even like any of these comments are strictly on the “When did the state become so Big Brother” page; it’s all “My my money, enough with your revenue, quit taking all my money, waaah.”

    Make you a deal: I’ll try not to require any expensive trauma services on my pathetic insurance if you promise not to t-bone me while running a red light. Then we’ll all save money.

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