Um…I think I left my iron on?

Wednesday night at the University of Georgia, the Department of Women’s Studies presented a lecture by former Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma chief Wilma Mankiller.

Yes, you heard that right: Women’s Studies, and Mankiller.

Needless to say, I remembered an urgent appointment, and did not attend (mostly out of fear for my personal safety). 😉


  1. DelicateFlower says:

    I get it that you are joking, Jeff, but just FYI, I found this doing a two-second search on The Google: “Her family name “Mankiller” as far as they can determine, is an old military title that was given to the person in charge of protecting the village. “

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Delicate, I am, to a degree — the name “Mankiller” (and “Sixkiller,” “Tenkiller,” etc.) was about as common among the Oklahoma Cherokee as “Jones” or “Evans” is for us.

    However, I still could not help but note the irony.

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