Should Georgia apologize for slavery?

The Georgia NAACP thinks so:

“The time is right for Georgia to take a bold stand and apologize to its citizens for slavery and segregation in our state,” said NAACP President Edward O. DuBose at the press conference.

The request comes a little more than a week after the state of Virginia offered its own expression of “profound regret” for the state’s role in slavery. Lawmakers in Missouri and Tennessee have also begun discussion about an apology.

DuBose said the group is asking that a bill be introduced and a resolution issued by the Georgia General Assembly openly apologizing for slavery and Jim Crow laws that mandated “separate but equal” status for African-Americans.

The NAACP is hoping that the bill passes before the Legislature adjourns in April.

UPDATE: After thinking about this awhile I had this thought: Would an official apology in the form of a resolution passed by the Legislature obligate the taxpayers to reparations? Perhaps one of our legal experts could opine.

Clearly everyone thinks slavery was/is wrong and it’s a stain on our nation’s history. While everyone may feel bad about it, not everyone (myself included) thinks we should make financial reparations.


  1. Burdell says:

    This would accomplish what, exactly?

    If Georgia were to apologize for slavery and segregation, would the NAACP then completely forgive and forget? In other words, would we finally move beyond dwelling upon events that happened 30 or 100 or 300 years ago?

    Somehow, I doubt this would happen. In which case, I fail to see the benefit of such action by the General Assembly, except to tacitly endorse and enhance the political power of a very few self-appointed “black leaders” who focus more on pandering than helping.

  2. DutchDawg says:

    Oh sure, afterall, EVERY single non-black citizen had slaves hundreds of years ago. Right. Get over it. Here’s an idea, how about trying to eradicate slavery in Africa THAT STILL EXISTS TODAY? No, that makes too much sense, let’s browbeat innocent people and try to put some of this race-pimp currency to use. There’s an idea.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    We will never attain a “color blind” society. The best we can hope for is a “color conscious” society like what Anthony Appiah believes.

    That being said, I am not so sure we need to dwell on this issue too much, an apology won’t change anything. Then again, what would it hurt.

  4. Tommy_a2b says:

    OK, I’ll apologize, even though no member of my family ever lived in this Country much less GA at that time in history (we were all still in Europe.)

    OK, here it goes. “I am sorry for what all the stupid southerners especially stupid Georgians did back in the day. It was not right for them to use the slave that were sold to slave traders by African tribal leaders.”

    Does that do it? Can we drop the subject now?

  5. D.Hendricks says:

    apologize for what? “WE” (people living in this generation-2007) didn’t have a darn thing to do with it? hell, most the people here in Georgia, are not native to the south, much less to Ga.
    Can’t play victim anymore!!! DON’T get so stupidly blindsided, WHAT WE REALLY SHOULD BE concerned about is “foreign” objects causing there to be “NO MORE MIDDLE CLASS” we(mid-class) are the victims now!! rich get richer and poor get poorer. AND that my friend, is a colorblind AMERICAN ISSUE!!!

  6. Rpolitic says:

    The real question is why now? Is this to put the GOP majority on the spot? Why didn’t the Democrats do it during their long tenure? This is nothing but a poltical ploy to allow the mlitant liberal groups to continue to label the GOP as racist. If they apologize now all of these groups will say “see they were guilty” and if they don’t apologize they will scream “see the GOP is still a bunch of racists”. The entire topic is nothing more than a cheap political trick.

  7. DougieFresh says:

    Well, weren’t southerners just users and slavery junkies that were forced into accepting slaves from the African slave pushers. Once addicted, they had little choice in the matter.

    Can’t we all just be victims?

  8. Dawgfan says:

    I think there may be a good case for an apology for Jim Crow laws and many of the Democrats that passed and enforced them are still alive to do it. Republican should never let the Democrats forget that Jim Crow was Democrat and that is their history not our.

    I do wonder if this is not some sort of a strategy to lay the legal ground work for reparation though.

  9. jkga says:

    An apology from the state government for allowing and supporting slavery and segregation would be a decent gesture. It might give some satisfaction to people who have a rightful grievance, and there are plenty of folks still alive who were directly harmed by Jim Crow laws.

    I agree with Rpolitic that the Democrats should have done it long ago. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. I find it a bit sad that this proposal generates such defensiveness.

  10. Mike Hauncho says:

    Should the Cherokee Nation appologies a well since they were slave owners too? There were slave owners in the north as well. I know the south was in support of slavery but not everyone owned them.

  11. rugby_fan says:

    Mike; I think what the NAACP wants is for the governments to apologize for their role in allowing slavery.

    The burden is not on the people here, which I do not fully understand.

  12. John Galt says:

    I want someone to apologize for:
    1) The 16 years of the FDR administration
    2) Dominique getting robbed by Jordan in the 1988 Slam Dunk contest
    3) KISS taking off their makeup
    4) Those 1980s-era Mustangs
    5) The 16th Amendment
    6) The Godfather III

    Oh, and anyone who lives and prospers in the USA, with its roots in English Common Law, the Free Market, Individual Rights and Liberties and Christianity, go ahead and thank a person of European descent. Then we can talk about apologies.

  13. rugby_fan says:


    1) FDR arguably won WWII and led us out of the depression, can’t fault him for htat.
    2) Indeed, a robbery.
    3) KISS seemed superlative neither in terms of bestness nor hotness when sans makeup.
    4) There are certainly worse Mustangs
    5) There are certainly worse amendments.
    6) Come now, that was still a quality movie.

  14. John Galt says:


    FDR was a crippled old socialist S.O.B. I can’t think of many things worse than Social Security.

    I would also love to see Howard Dean apologize for his party starting the Klan to keep blacks from voting.

    And isn’t it ironic that the only school who doesn’t receive heat for its mascot is the Notre Dame “Fighting Irish”? Gerry Cooney has to feel stereotyped. We need to apologize to him.

  15. rugby_fan says:

    John Galt,

    That doesn’t disprove that he got us out of the Great Depression or won WWII.

    I can think of several US policies that are much worse than Social Security.

    Slavery, Jim Crow laws, Japanese internment camps, past support of dictatorships, prohibition, I could go on if you would like.

  16. John Galt says:


    The difference between slavery, Jim Crow, Japanese camps and prohibition and Social Security is that we eventually saw the error of our ways and ended them.

    Not so with Social Security, which has deprived many more millions of people their freedom than the other policies you cite.

  17. rugby_fan says:

    Wow, I am quite appalled by that statement. I don’t think I have ever heard someone say that Social Security is even on par with the level of evil that was slavery.

    I understand objections to Social Security, but to somehow equate it with something as abhorrent as slavery or Jim Crow laws is astounding to no end.

    You have lost any and all credibility you had with me.

  18. DutchDawg says:

    Wasn’t it Truman who ultimately ended the war?
    FDR technically involved us when he let the Japanese sucker punch us…when he had intelligence that warned of the attack.

  19. DutchDawg says:

    Quick, someone name one single successful society in the history of time, that didn’t implement slavery. I can’t think of a single one. This does not make it right, however I don’t think we should be browbeat to the tune of ours is the only civilization that used slavery.

  20. rugby_fan says:

    Seeing as how the number of people who have had their freedom deprived by a program and if that program is stopped being what constitutes a good policy; I am assuming that if the US had installed concentration camps, but only killed lets say 3, 000, 000 people but we closed them, then Social Security would still be worse.

  21. John Galt says:

    I didn’t “equate” Social Security to slavery. I said, again, that it has denied millions of people their freedom, millions more than were ever enslaved.

    Obviously slavery is our nation’s greatest travesty. Thankfully our nation saw the error of its ways and fought a war to end it. We can’t say the same for FDR’s programs.

  22. rugby_fan says:

    You were implying that Social Security was worse because it has deprived more people of their freedom (arguable as accurate numbers of people enslaved or killed on slavers do not really exist) and that we ended the other past examples.

  23. DutchDawg says:

    well, we haven’t fought a war to end socialist injustices such as social security, as we have with past ones such as slavery. What part of Galt’s point don’t you get, Rugby?

  24. rugby_fan says:

    I get that we have not fought a war to end Social Security (but we have waged wars against “socialist injustices).

    I do not understand why a war would be necessary for such a thing.

  25. John Galt says:

    I am not making implications. I flat-out said that slavery is our greatest national travesty.

    And just as we ended slavery, we must end all the other programs Democrats started.

    (Save the “Whigs” or “Tories” started it retort, or the “Free Soilers” or the “Jeffersonian Republi-Crats” or whatever party technically owned slaves before there were “Democrats”. Lincoln fought the Democratic Party, which formed the Klan, poll taxes, literacy tests, sicced dogs and hoses on John Lewis, etc etc etc.)

  26. DutchDawg says:

    I think that’s exactly what this thread is about. Slavery is a form of socialism in that it denies individuals there right to be free. And having to apologize to a jack-leg organization like the NAACP at the point of a bayonet because of something nobody alive had ANYTHING to do with, well…that’s the epitome of thought and speech policing.

  27. JRM2016 says:

    I know Ed Dubose personally and am quite confident what he is asking for is an apology from the State for sanctioning slavery and later on Jim Crow laws which justified a separate but equal doctrine which was immoral. I would think that our Republican Party could fully back such a measure without the vituperative sarcasm that is all over this thread. Slavery and later the Jim Crow regime were shameful acts that we should readily condemn, as the Republican Party was largely founded on the principal that slavery was an abomination against God and as an institution should be removed to fulfill the true promise of America exemplified in the Declaration of Independence, that whole “all men are created equal” business. Read the comments on this thread and ask yourself why we have such a hard time convincing black voters that they have a home in the Republican Party.

  28. rugby_fan says:

    John Galt,

    Your ideas from this post:
    go something like this.

    Jim Crow, prohibition &c. are bad but they were ended. Social Security is still going.

    Social Security, because it has deprived millions more of freedom (I repeat arguable on some points, and if looked at in terms of proportion of a population, I would bet makes it even more incorrect) it deserves different treatment than those policies.

    Am I defending these past Democratic programs? No, but I don’t think your discussion of them in relation to these horrible policies has any merit.

    Allow me if you will, to highlight why.

    Can you specifically point to one person who is denied a job because of Social Security? Has Social Security caused a group of people to form lynch mobs against a race of people? Has Social Security kept you from living your life in any normal fashion? Do you ever wake up and go, “my life would be so much better off if I didn’t have Social Security shackling me down?

    So you can have your (pardon my language) bull shit hyperbolic belief that millions are being deprived of some freedom that is hindering their lives greatly, but you know, and I know, that this is frankly bull shit.

  29. indictbush says:

    NO. Maybe I am wrong on this, but I don’t feel that wasting govenment time and money on this issue is the right thing. First off, I know that slavery was wrong to begin with, however, if it weren’t for slavery the black community would not exist in the USA. I have many friend of all races and creeds, so I am not racist in any way. The people who were brought here as slaves never really had a choice. They were sold by their own people to slave traders who in turn brought them here and sold them to very rich plantation owners. These are the people who should be appologizing, not the govt. I just feel that after 150 years, none of the slaves are around to hear any appology and is a waste of taxpayers money and time. Those who think that they deserve an appology should take a trip over to Africa to where their tribes are from and see just what the conditions they could have been living in. Then ask yourself, “What would my life had been like if my ancesters had not been sold into slavery?”. I have been to Africa on humanitarian trips and a lot of what I saw over there saddened me terribly. These people are living in filth and foul. They have nothing and I mean NOTHING. They would trade places with those who are doing all of the complaining in an instant.
    We need to stop dwelling in the past and move forward. Asking for the govt. to appologize is wasting time from TODAY’S issues. Stop looking back and begin to look ahead and make a difference in today’s world. Mankind still has a very long way to go before we may enter GOD’S kingdom.

  30. John Galt says:

    You asked, “Can you specifically point to one person who is denied a job because of Social Security?”

    Sure. Businesses, esp. small businesses, defer hiring people every day due to the high cost of labor. The Social Security and Medicare taxes that employers must match figure into that high cost of labor.

    You asked, “Has Social Security caused a group of people to form lynch mobs against a race of people?”

    No, but the program itself is inherently racist. FDR knew when he established SS that the only demographic at the time that on average outlived the retirement age was White Women.

    You asked, “Has Social Security kept you from living your life in any normal fashion? Do you ever wake up and go, “my life would be so much better off if I didn’t have Social Security shackling me down?”

    I, and millions of others, do that every day my friend. But, due to the automatic withholding of SS and other taxes, millions more never give it a second thought. Again, just as the evil FDR envisioned. I can think of plenty of other uses for the sweat of my brow than to supplement the retirement for a 70-year-old who has plenty more than me in the bank.

  31. Rpolitic says:

    JRM2016 if the NAACP would ever say anything like that and stop the sorts of things they due in the name of minorities that are out right lies about repulicans then he might have a moral argument. Until the NAACP is honest and apologizes to Republicans for the way they have chosen to treat them, and I can show you some mail from the past sent here in Georgia then why should Republicans care what the NAACP has to say?

  32. Skeptical says:

    “Republican should never let the Democrats forget that Jim Crow was Democrat and that is their history not our.”

    Um Dawgfan – I guess this is where I point out that it was the “Democrats” from the Old South that later became known as Dixiecrats that sanctioned this and I believe we all know where the Dixiecrats went after LBJ passed the Civil Rights legislation in the 60s. Oh yeah, that’s right – they all became Republicans. The racists of the Old South all became Republicans.

    And people wonder why y’all have a hard time recruiting blacks to your party.

    With that out of the way, I completely believe that all this is a waste of time. I’m not apologizing for anything that I or my family had no part in.

  33. jkga says:

    John Galt:

    On the one hand, we have

    a) the loss of freedom from being forced to pay 6.2% of the first 100K or so of your income into a common insurance fund, some of which you will recoup upon retirement, under a policy that you may protest and exert the same political rights as everyone else to have repealed.

    On the other, we have

    b) the losses of the freedoms to choose where to live, whom to marry, the freedom to raise your own children, to choose your own employment, to speak freely, to pursue an education, to own property, to vote, to practice your own religion, to enjoy protection from the law against physical and sexual assault PLUS the loss of ALL your income to a slave-owner, under a political system over which you have absolutely no redress.

    I would say it shows a distinct lack of perspective on your part to suggest that (a) is anywhere approaching the same level as (b), even if 100 times more people were subject to (a). It’s kind of like comparing a hangnail with an amputation.

  34. jkga says:


    I think you’re confused. You’ve been taught to say that socialism is bad because it’s a form of slavery – not that slavery is bad because it’s a form of socialism. Maybe you should look up “socialism” on wikipedia.

    Also, I don’t think the legislature is considering an apology to the NAACP, but rather to African-Americans. And no bayonets were involved, to my knowledge.

  35. gatormathis says:

    All that debate….

    on “whatever happened to the hate?”……..

    is a little too late.

    What you better worry about,

    is what will happen tommorrow,

    whatever that is.

    We didn’t have tornados for a while,

    till last week.

  36. Rpolitic says:

    Here is my other question, when will Mr. Dubose and other leaders in the politically correct watch dog world apologize and take action to stop using the term “colored people”

  37. D.Hendricks says:

    This is so sad. Really truly sad. MOST of you sound fairly intelligent(book smart) someone please crucify this “jim” guy. and be done it. this 3rd grade argument is getting old already. Slavery goes ALL the way back to the being of time. All through the BIBLE. God never condemn it then. BUT as with everything else there is always 1 apple to spoil the bunch (so to speak). ALOT of things in our history books were trial and error and embrassement/or triumph and evil and good have existed since the garden of eden. Life is a journey. a wise man learns from his mistakes and a fool well, he just wallows in it. So GOD BLESS you all, but I must continuing FORWARD on my journey I have no more time to waste on this pot calling the kettle black stuff .

  38. shotgunjohn says:

    jkga, rugby, etc:

    I must have missed something. Slavery (accurately described by jkga) doesn’t actually exist in the US anymore, does it? Because if the 13th amendement really means what it says, then we really don’t have an argument. Social Security IS worse than slavery RIGHT NOW because slavery is not an issue, or am I missing something?

    BTW, I personally apologize to every person that I have ever held in bondage (against their will):

    Done. Boy, do I feel better!

  39. R.E.M. says:

    Basically, An appology is an addmision of guilt.If there is guilt, then there are ground for a law suit. A law suit can lead to reperations payments to the NAACP. Who, upon reciept of these payments, will use the funds to help the DNC.

    How does that sound?

  40. kzac says:

    The NAACP needs to focus on two points

    point 1) The African (and many other) tribal leders sold their tribe members into slavery. The NAACP assumes in its stupidity that slaves were all darked skinned… this is not the truth…it was quite common for all types of people to have come to the United States as indentured servants (also slaves).

    Point 2) I would remind the NAAPC that slavery was legal in the United States prior to the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, and after that time it has been illegal to own enslaved humans. Therefore the state of Georgia acted in accordance with the laws of the United States and has no reason to apologize to anyone.

    This can only be seen as a poor attempt to give the outdated NAACP a continued purpose. The laws of the United States have all but made their plite extinct.
    I personally think they should be on their knees thanking God that they were abel to come to the United States and now live in freedom. Where would they be today if it weren’t for the slavery trade? In Africa with its almost 50% population of AIDS?

  41. hagwood says:

    When it comes to an apology; as I look around the internet it appears that a majority would apologize for slavery, and I actually found an individual who did! (This site: Tommy_a2b ) The trouble comes from none of them understanding, or believing that they have a “horse in the race”. In other words, the way they see it, it was done by their ancestors, (who are all dead now) so nothing can, or should be done about it. The general consensus is that we should just forget about it and move on.
    The other big issue appears to be the possibility of repayment for the bad deeds of their ancestors – (Ain’t Gonna Happen – They would all fight it tooth and nail).
    Well, I’m having a difficult time rationalizing their failure to realize how they have benefited from their fore parents misdoing. (Repayment)
    And because slavery was never apologized for; it took a Civil War, the rise of the Klu Klux Klan, the implementation of Jim Crow Laws, and a Civil Rights Movement just to bring us to where we are today. (Connection to them)
    The people who want to; “Just forget it and move on”, should consider that in some southern states today it’s still written law that Blacks and Whites cannot be married.

  42. gjetson says:

    We should all know that slavery was wrong and the all governments involved in it should apologize formally for it so we can get pass it.

  43. MadHarryRoberts says:

    Should the State of Georgia apologize for slavery? The State of Georgia as I have learned in my reading in 1850, voted against slavery and bringing it to their state..(Darien, Georgia)
    In 1863, the Federal Government based….IN THE NORTH voted in the fugitive slave act….Then in 1865, 4 years into the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln gave slaves their freedom…..
    I think what Georgia should most be ashamed of is the ignorance of the population that continues to keep racism alive—-this works on both sides of the color barrier(blacks and KKK)….I still stand by this, the North needed workers for the growing industrial areas where the people who had fled from persecution refused to live and work, so they needed a ready workforce……So lets go to war and attack the farmers who provide sustenance for the rest of us and take away the slaves from them…..Let them come North, where we can work them for very low wages…..The only difference with that is the crack of the whip…….
    Should Georgia apologize? Only for the ignorance that festers open sores that breed racism today…………People need to let the anger and the hatred go, and learn to live as one race of people, THE HUMAN RACE……..We are all here, we need to work together…

  44. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Funny thing is…

    The GOP wants to increase it’s performance with minorities, but will not support these measures.

    It is purely political and will accomplish nothing…other than letting african-americans know that the GOP likes them. The GOP already does this kind of crap for insurance companies and rednecks…why not increase their electoral appeal.

  45. Bill Simon says:

    “should consider that in some southern states today it’s still written law that Blacks and Whites cannot be married.”

    The law was overturned by the USSC in either 1967 or 1968. So, though bumble-f*ck Southern states may (I don’t know, I’m taking YOUR word for it) have the laws on their books, the law is unenforceable.

  46. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    “The law was overturned by the USSC in either 1967 or 1968.”

    Damn activist Judges. The Court should have let the legislature legislate, and the Court should do….um….well….what is it the courts are supposed to do?

  47. Demonbeck says:

    “Focus your attention on ring number three.
    The Judiciary’s in the spotlight.
    The courts take the law and they tame the crimes
    Balancing the wrongs with your rights.

    No one part can be
    more powerful than any other is.
    Each controls the other you see,
    and that’s what we call checks and balances.”

  48. Demonbeck says:

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  49. Icarus says:

    After figuring out some of Soulja Boy’s lyrics courtesy of the Marta Granny Beatdown thread, reading that is quite refreshing.

    Anyone think they can put it to a beat that UGA linemen can dance to?

  50. John Konop says:

    I AM SORRY. Ok now how is anything different now? Did I create any jobs? Did I solve the drop out problem in schools? Are gas prices cheaper? Is the dollar coming back? Have we solved the problems in Iraq?…………..

    This is what both parties want a debate about nothing that has anything to do with dealing with any real issues!

  51. bowersville says:

    And a hundred seventy five years ago is dead unless you follow SpaceyG’s guilt trip from South Carolina along with slave holder Amy Morton’s Democratic folks.

  52. Bill Simon says:


    I don’t think you are truly sorry. In order to be “truly sorry,” you must be willing to go out and purchase 40 acres of land, get a mule, go to the NAACP, and tell them you have something to give them.

    If you are not willing to do these little things, then you are just pandering.

  53. NATO says:

    Ok!! enough is enough; I know I for one am sick and tired of hearing about an apology to the blacks for slavery. What about the Americian Indian; they were slaughtered and driven from the land and put on reservations and starved and submitted to humiliations way beyond blacks in slavery. If they don’t like it let them go back to Africa where their own people are the ones that sold them into slavery for a hand full of glass beads and a bag of salt. Don’t blame the state of Georgia or any other state, blame your own anstors for this slight on your state of being.

  54. shep1975 says:

    When my great-great-great grandfather, Hamilton Shepherd, visited Atlanta in 1864 with the rest of his buddies in the Indiana 59th, they made sure Georgia apologized for slavery, just like they had done in Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and like they were planning on doing soon in South Carolina.

  55. dorian says:

    I want someone to apologize for fashion in the 80s. Do any of you people know how many pairs of parachute pants I owned? Plenty. Also, I had one of them stupid red leather jackets with all the zippers. My mom had poofy hair. I still have nightmares. Also, what about the music? Did we really need Falco and A-HA? I think not.

    The only good things to come out of the 80s was the A-Team and Hulkamania. It’s still running wild, by the way. Also, I have a closet full of f*cking JAMS shorts and shirts that I couldn’t give away on ebay. Who can I sue about that?

  56. Bill Simon says:


    I got a call from the Kidney Foundation today asking about donations of ANY clothing. Why don’t you call them and donate your JAMS shorts and shirts?

  57. shep1975 says:

    I would like to apologize for tight-rolling my jeans and wearing lots of hypercolor shirts. It was wrong. I should have know it was wrong, but I was young and decieved by my peers into thinking it was cool. I can no longer call myself a victim of fashion, but have to take personal responibility for my own mistakes. I would appreciate your forgiveness.

    Oh, and sorry for the Max Headroom and Spuds MacKenzie t-shirts too!

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