Bill Greene is in.

Yesterday I posted some of the Evans-Novak email that made mention of William Greene as a potential candidate for the 10th CD. I emailed Bill and it’s not a rumor, he’s in. Here’s a clip from his announcement press release:

COMMERCE, GA—This morning, Bill Greene of Braselton, surrounded by his wife, children and parents, announced his candidacy as a Republic seeking to win Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District during a special election scheduled for June 19th. Greene promised to carry forward the mantle of the late Charlie Norwood with a conservative agenda to secure the nation’s borders, limit the role of government and remain a defender of traditional values.

“I want my children to grow up in a country safe from Islamic radicals who seek to destroy our nation because we permit freedom of religion and freedom of expression,” stated Bill Greene, Republican Candidate for Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District. “I want a nation where children receive a proper education, embrace the American culture, defend the sanctity of life, and marriage means one mother and one father.”

Here’s a link to Bill’s website.


  1. sndeak says:

    Let me get my check list out…
    Muslims – Check
    Christians – Check
    Abortion – Check
    Marriage – Check
    ATR Pledge – Check
    9/11 – Oops he missed one.

  2. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Yikes. That guy runs an Internet communications consulting firm? Did he outsource his campaign site design?

  3. DutchDawg says:

    what exactly is he hoping to accomplish? Besides of course dilluting the Republican vote from a viable candidate whose platform is identical to his?

  4. DutchDawg says:

    right, if he had an axe to grind ideologically (ala John Konop), I say whatever. But his platform is the same as Whitehead’s. If the Dems had a candidate worth a dang then there’d be trouble, what with all these wannabe grandstanders getting in the way.

  5. buzzbrockway says:


    I understand your point. However, if you’re a guy like Greene (and everybody else in this race for that matter) who might want to run for Congress, this is your chance and you have to seize it. Open Congressional seats don’t come around that often, so while I get your point, I don’t begrudge anyone tossing their hat in the ring for this.

  6. drjay says:

    ga unfiltered is posting a “rumor” that another dem–james marlowe–is looking at the race. but that he does not know who that is exactly–

    there is a james marlowe in clarkesville/habersham county who was and may still be the pres of the vo-tech up there–north ga tech–i believe–i guess that would be him –i think he’s fairly prominent up in those parts…i assume its the same dude

  7. DavidAtlanta says:

    Sounds like a boilerplate Southern GOP candidate to me. Is there anything in what he said that isn’t an overused catchphrase?

    The only thing he missed was a mention of illegal immigrants.

  8. GOPaide says:

    So lets see….Whitehead has a 58 percent approval rating and his State Senate district accounts for 28 percent of the district….so he has maybe 14 percent of the vote in a county thats not even entirely in the district….hes OLD not in age but in health and a terrible public speaker (Wikipedia “Paint Drying”) I cant imagine why ANYONE would want to run against this guy….maybe we should all just forgo the election and just give him the seat…..what do you guys think?

  9. MadHarryRoberts says:

    The only Islamic Radicals I see in this country are the make believe ones that the Republican Leadership of this country want us to believe attacked the World Trade Centers…..As I have learned in many hours of reading, Islams are a peaceful religion just like the Christians……At least the Islams and the Christians believe in the same GOD, unlike the Jews who want us to believe they are the chosen people….Every religion has its fanatics that choose in their own mind to be GOD…..Lets see, The Ayatollah Khomeni & David Koresh…..Our government eliminated the problem…….

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