Another Good Education Reform

It’s sad that this is needed, but it is.

A bill that would make it an ethics violation to pressure a teacher to change a grade passed out of a House subcommittee today.

The Grade Integrity Act of 2007 says a school board, superintendent or administrator cannot force a teacher to change a grade if the teacher followed the rules. An administrator can still change a grade, but who made the change will be noted in the student’s records.


  1. DougieFresh says:

    It should be more than an ethics violation, it should lead to the immediate dismissal of the administrator, and if pressure in the form of employment threats is involved, it should result in jail time.

  2. Know Nothing says:

    This is a terrible law.

    1) My father had undue indluence on the adminstrators and my grades were always better than they should’ve been. How am I going to be able to extend the same curtesy to my children.

    2) In the real world (which shools should emulate more of), often times success does not come soley from ability. Often, people are hired and promoted because they have networked properly, and are able to pull strings. Why should this be any different in society?

    I will say however, that even if my father wasn’t able to pull some strings, I would’ve gotten into the same college and I would’ve still been hired as a junior vp in Dad’s company.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    What a joke… I can’t believe that this legistlation is necessary or even serious…

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