Winning ticket sold in Dalton.

Help me track this person down. I’m sure he owes me some money.

One of the winning Mega Millions lottery tickets was sold in Dalton, a Georgia Lottery spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The ticket was sold at the Favorite Market #41 on Abutment Road in downtown Dalton, said Tandi Reddick, the Georgia lottery spokeswoman. She did not know on what day it was sold.


  1. Know Nothing says:

    Actually, you need to find this person because if it was in Dalton, chances are it was won by an illegal immigrant. I doubt he’ll be able to cash it in being illegal, so offer to do it for him for a 30% fee.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    See? See? I was right! It’s always some little town in which the winning ticket is sold.

    SOMETHING appears to be fixed in these lotteries…

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