Evans-Novak on Georgia 10.

From the Evans-Novak email newsletter:

Georgia-10 Special: State Sen. Jim Whitehead (R) is for now the favorite in the June special election to replace Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-Ga.), who died from lung cancer earlier this year. Whitehead is liked among conservatives — his name was part of the buzz at CPAC, where the joke was that he is more conservative than Norwood, an almost impossible feat. He has hired much of the Norwood team for his campaign.

Activist William Greene has been making the rounds among conservatives in Washington, but they privately downplay his chances. State Sen. Ralph Hudgens (R) has been lining up for years to run for the seat, but he received criticism for announcing his run while Norwood’s body was still warm.

The district is so heavily Republican, though, that no Democrat will have a serious chance.


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