Avoid Lilburn

Sounds like a really crummy place to go. Does Sadie Fields live here? Makes you wonder with stuff like this:

Earlier, the city outlawed pool — the game that spelled trouble in the musical “The Music Man” — in its watering holes. Now it’s also barring karaoke and just about any other party game from places that serve alcohol.

Dave Metcalf, a patron of the Sports Fan Bar & Grill, wonders if the Gwinnett city is banning good times.

“Personally, I’d like to see karaoke end in the bars I attend,” joked Metcalf, who said he flees aspiring karaoke stars. “But why would they ban karaoke? … More fun than the law allows?”

Karaoke can bring more than bad voices, Lilburn Mayor Jack Bolton said. It can bring bars.

“Our intention was always to just have alcohol in restaurants,” Bolton said. “We don’t want to have dance clubs, party clubs or bars. If it means being made fun of because we don’t allow karaoke, that’s fine, too.”

Lilburn permits liquor licenses only for establishments in which 50 percent of sales comes from food. Bolton suspects the Sports Fan might not meet that standard, but proving that would be difficult. It is much easier to ban activities common to bars: card games, pool, video games, trivia nights and, yes, karaoke.


  1. gatormathis says:

    By banning karaoke and such from the bars………don’t these guys realize they are only driving people closer to the vice tentacles of the call girls and pot grow houses of Gwinnett.

    And then the legislature is further knocking out dog fighting, so no one will want to rent a house to do that anymore.

    If they keep on, City Council may be the only interesting game in town, so expect a sudden influx into that arena.

  2. grabbingsand says:

    Years ago, I was doing community theatre in Roswell. After Saturday night shows, we’d all head over to Chaplin’s, near the Square. Saturday was karaoke night. And every time we went, without fail, this one guy — kinda short, little mustache, dark hair and a tie — would belt the living hell out of “Just A Gigolo” (the DLR version).

    He would sing no other song.

    As odd as he was, he is the reason that karaoke bars have a place in society. For those few minutes, this fellow can step out of his dreary reality just long enough to be a star.

    So just you wait Lilburn.

    Before too long, they’ll be opening karaoke speak-easys in the backrooms of liquor stores on Beaver Ruin. Dressed in trenchcoats and fedoras, karaoke fiends will knock on a door hidden behind the dumpsters, wait for the peephole to open, mutter the first line to “Feelings” under their breath as a password, and enter a den of pseudo-harmonic depravity.

    Feelings, nothing more than feelings …

  3. CobbGOPer says:

    So Lilburn doesn’t allow bars? The smart businessman would proceed to open one as close to the city limits as possible…

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