Forget Glamour Shots…

Since it’s Saturday and I’ve got nothing better to say, I thought I’d open up this thread. Has anyone else noticed that the Barbie Bandits looked really good in their bank security camera still compared to their mugshots? I know the FBI won’t release the amount of money when a bank gets robbed to prevent future robberies, maybe they should also reconsider releasing the security pictures.

Will this now be the new camera of choice for prom and yearbook photographers everywhere?


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Good idea, Chris. I know I always try to look my absolute best when doing crimes. For me it’s: mani/pedi, aromatherapy facial, bikini wax, new jeans, matching purse, heels… the works. So I’m all for it!

  2. Chris raises a very legitimate question…why is it always the hot girls that behave badly? And another thing, will there be a made-for-tv movie detailing the long slow slide of these two girls into a life of crime?

  3. formandfile says:

    The mugshots and pics at the bank were night and day. Apparently the coke erased any positive effects of the makeover in short notice

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