The Shafer Committee Referral

The Senator tells me that the Sunday sales bill was sent to subcommittee to correct errors, after the sponsor told the committee that the plain language of the bill did not match his intent. There were issues relating to wording of the ballot question and the authority of the local government to regulate the time of alcohol sales on Sunday. There were also questions about the absence of a nullification clause found in the liquor-by-the-drink referendum statutes.

According to Senator Shafer, “The request for a subcommittee to perfect the bill was made in open meeting by committee members of both parties. When I appointed the subcommittee, I announced that the bill will be brought back up at our next meeting once the errors have been corrected.”

“I know the AJC reported the decision differently, but occasionally they make mistakes, and that is as charitably as


  1. Tommy_a2b says:

    I am cross posting from in case the discussion wants to be carried on here.

    Someone may owe Sen Shafer an, I’m sorry for putting the cart in front of the horse.

    Joshua Patterson, I have not fully educated myself on brian train. Today I would be for it if: it had an offshoot to Gainesville GA, if the Fed was paying for the bulk of its contruction with transportation dollars, if the fee to use it would cover its anual upkeep with no further taxes earmarked or created or stolen to fund it. Also keep in mind you referenced a resolution asking Congress for money and that is all.

    I would be against it if the state and Fed would add 3 more lanes to each side of I-75,85 and 2 lanes to GA 316 and I-985 in the effected area. (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.)

    I feel that transportation is one of the proper uses of Government. But mismanaged dollars are an effect of the Transportation Depart.

    Again, I withold judgement until any bill hits the floor of one of the chambers of the State Legislature and is voted on.

    To hankreardan, I do not believe in telling you when you can and cannot buy a LEGAL product. But there is already a law regulating it. Creating a new law always gives me an ullser. I consider people a RINO when they Tax and Spend our hard earned money in most of the rediculous ways they do. That is why I am so excited about zero based budgeting. Also RINO’s are people who continue to meddle in my private life, like so many do. Finally a RINO would be someone who is against Capitalism. I.E. restricting private business in a manner that no one may smoke on the primesis. I want goverment to stop being my mother. (BTW- I do not smoke, and smoking killed my grand father who I miss very much.) BTW, the person who sponcered that crappy piece of legislation is retired.

    Just so you understand, these established rules above are not one strike and you are out clauses. I look at the body the work a legislator has done.

    Sorry for all the misspelled words.

  2. Joshua Patterson says:

    Taxpayer money is taxpayer money, regardless of where it comes from. If the affected areas along the line would like to tax themselves to pay for it, go for it, but I would rather not pay.

    How is asking Congress for the money not an endorsement for the project?

  3. Joshua Patterson says:

    And i doubt the fee used to cover it would pay for it. That implies that you know how may people will ride it. From what it hear, it won’t be a cheap ride.

  4. bowersville says:

    I don’t know what any of the above has to with Sunday sales.

    Senator Shafer’s explanation is reasonable.

    Senator, I enjoy your inside view on your blog. I’ll be glad to continue reading your updates when they come.

  5. I can’t believe the same AJC said that printed all those lies about Sonny and Glenn would do the same to Shafer. Shame on me for believing that it could be true 🙂

  6. bowersville says:

    Now Sen. Dan Moody-R oppossed to the Sunday Sales appointed to the committee, what gives?

  7. Shakin the bush boss says:

    Word around the State Capitol is that Chairman Shafer knew that proponents of the local option for Sunday sales had the votes to pass the bill that day, despite the addition of a “no” vote in Senator Moody, hence the last minute “fix” of needing to send the bill to a sub-committee. Any other explanation, according to those who were there, is pure political double-talk.

  8. Shakin the bush boss says:

    Please don’t let Sadie know that we are “blogging” about beer sales on a Sunday. Don’t want there to be “blood on my keyboard”.

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