Ten is a nice round number

And today’s announcement of candidacy by attorney and Democrat Evita Paschall of Augusta makes the number of candidates for the 10th CD a nice, even 9+1.

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. The candidates at the moment are, in alphabetical order:

Paul Broun Jr. 60 R Physician Athens
Bill Greene 42 R Founder and president
of RightMarch.com
Terry Holley 52 D Teacher and jeweler Grovetown
Ralph Hudgens 64 R State senator Comer
Julian Hutchins 56 R Physician and real estate
Evita Paschall 55 D Attorney Augusta
Jackie Poteet 66 R Founded Apartment Finders
and Marjac Publications
Nate Pulliam 51 R Real estate broker Conyers
Jim Sendelbach 67 L Therapist Conyers
Jim Whitehead 64 R State senator Evans

Wow. Thanks to the Augusta Chronicle for the nice, neat, organized table.


  1. Blah says:

    Watch out for Dr. Greene- he is the youngest and has the most energy. I would hate to get into a runoff with him

  2. JayHanley says:

    With all due respect to the Libertarians, isn’t there an interested candidate who actually lives in the district? I know it’s not required for Congressional races, but still…

  3. MrBigTom says:

    Whoa here! The Augusta Chronicle is certainly protecting their turf listing all those nice folks from town who have absolutly no chance of winning. My sources in Athens and Atlanta tell me DOC ELDRIDGE has already gotten a positive review by power in DC and he is on his way to jumping in with both feet. A family funeral kept him out of the news last week, but I expect to see him make an announcement soon. This guy knows how to campaign, and he has lots of support in Augusta as well as Athens.

  4. jsm says:

    Bill Greene is talking right now to Martha Zoller on AM550 – Gainesville–I think until 10am.

  5. Jeff Emanuel says:

    MrBigTom, that was mentioned here. It will be interesting to see if he enters the race — and it will be interesting to see how he does district-wide. He’d certainly have more support here in the PRACC than would Mr. Whitehead, and way more than Ralph Hudgens.

  6. drjay says:

    i do not live in the 10th anymore but am very wary of anyone who has managed to get himself elected mayor of the people’s republic of athens…

  7. MrBigTom says:

    Athens is a bit liberal with all those prof’s and such. Nice place to raise kids though I hear. Eldridge won as a conservative democrat (no fool he) and had the backing of the most conservative the town had to offer along with the liberal papers and black clergy. Makes a very attractive middle-of-the-roader if anyone with that claim can win these days.

  8. bowersville says:

    GOODGRIEF! Jim Wooten is reporting Barbara Dooley(R) declaring for the 10th!

    It may be time for all the old fogeys to drop out and go with a young Fleming.

  9. drjay says:

    former augusta mayor bob young may actually be interested in the 12th intead of the 10th:

    from sundays aug. chronicle’s city ink colunm:

    THE GENERAL TAKES ORDERS: Former Augusta Mayor Bob Young told the Youth Leadership group that his appointment is the equivalent of a general in the Army. He said he gets great treatment wherever he shows up.

    “It’s even better than being a mayor,” he said.

    He talked about serving at the pleasure of the president and how he would submit his resignation when President Bush leaves office. One student asked, “What will you do then? Will you be sitting at home?”

    “No,” replied Mr. Young. “Mrs. Young won’t allow that.”

    ESCAPE HATCH: When a reporter tried to pin Mr. Young down on whether he had completely ruled out running for the late Charlie Norwood’s congressional seat, he ducked answering it by citing the Hatch Act, which prevents federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities.

    However, Mr. Young is weighing his options, according to political observers, and could run for the 12th District seat next year if he doesn’t run for the 10th.

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