Two more Republicans in the 10th CD race

According to the Augusta Chronicle:

Republicans Julian “Hutch” Hutchins, 56, and Bill Greene, 42, have announced their candidacies for the seat vacated by the death of Charlie Norwood earlier this month.

Dr. Hutchins is a physician and real estate professional who lives in Augusta and works in the emergency room at Burke Medical Center in Waynesboro, Ga. He ran for the 9th Congressional District seat in 1988, when he lived in Commerce, Ga.
Mr. Greene, of Braselton, Ga., is the founder and president of, an online conservative organization formed as a “rapid response force” to enable its members to take effective action against activities by online liberal groups such as

In 2004, the Washington Times called Mr. Greene a “conservative Internet guru,” according to a news release from his campaign headquarters.

He also is president of Strategic Internet Campaign Management Inc., an online political consulting firm that enables organizations and candidates to harness the power of the Internet for fundraising and grassroots activism.

I believe this brings the total number of candidates to six — five GOP, one Democrat, and one Apartment Finder.

Mad Dog, what happened to the special election being set in June to “thin out the GOP field”? 😉


  1. hankreardan says:

    Please do not forget the Libertarians. We will be running someone for the first time ever.The reason for this is because we are allowed to run in a special elections. During normal elections the Democrats and Republican have used thier power to limit your choices.
    Our candidate is Dr. Jim Sendelbach .

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