For You Commenters

Apparently some of you don’t know or have forgotten how things work at Peach Pundit.

To prevent spam, we do two things:

1) All first time commenters must have their first comment approved before being able to comment further.

2) Commenters posting comments with links or that exceed a certain length will have their comments held in moderation to make sure they are not spam.

I can think of only four occasions in the history of this site, Vic, where I have blocked a comment.

And as for today, I’m traveling with limited internet access, which makes it hard for me to moderate comments.


  1. Thanks for the explantion Erick, but it’s time for a change. While we’re talking about Jason, i wish he would hurry back to school, he needs adult supervision worse than i do.

  2. Erick says:

    There were four comments — all about individuals who write or are alleged to write as commeters at Peach Pundit.

    Three of the four attempted to out a particular Democrat party operative as a homosexual. One attacked the Governor and his marriage with massively sick innuendo.

  3. D.Hendricks says:

    I have had my children enrolled in peachcare for approx. 6/7 years. A wonderful program, specially for us self employed TAX PAYING citizens here in Georgia. My education doesn’t contain any great mathematical degrees, BUT common sense tells me that, ONLY TAX PAYING georgians should be eligible for this program. SIMPLE MATH. tax dollars payed in= (help) keep peachcare afloat, right?! so putting TONS of NON-tax paying peoples childern on the program= negative balance (2/3rd grade math?!?) I vote if people want their kids to have such excellent healthcare programs, (not to mention; schooling and so forth) they should be putting their part in the “pot” (so to speak) Citizen or not, taxes should be paid by all people working here in the great US of A!!! seems simple of enough to me. And A bit more fair. especially to those of us who were rightfully born into this great country and pay our taxes. Can something to this effect not be put into play? I’d love to see it happen, before its too late.

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