Agnes Scott College Republicans win award.

There are College Republicans at Agnes Scott? I had no idea. Anyway, congrats to the ASCRs for being named “Chapter of the Year” by the Georgia Association of College Republicans.

Over the past few years, ASCR has grown in activism and visibility on campus, and has been exemplary in securing votes, volunteers, and earned media. In addition to participating in several campaign initiatives at the state and local level leading up to the November elections, ASCR organized a variety of events including a Campus Canvas, a 9/11 Memorial Service, a care package drive for soldiers abroad. Perhaps most remarkable has been ASCR’s successful efforts to challenge the left-wing bias demonstrated by many of the speakers frequently invited to campus by the administration. In 2006, ASCR hosted two notable conservative speakers; in the Spring, ground-breaking author and activist Phyllis Schlafly spoke on “The Failure of Feminism,” and in the Fall, author and columnist Mike Adams spoke on the issue of abortion. Both lectures attracted standing-room-only crowds, and provoked important discussion and debate among students and faculty about salient societal issues. By holding the College accountable, ASCR has played an important role in showcasing alternative viewpoints to the rest of the student body, and has had a long-term impact in this area.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Congrats to the GOP club of Agnes Scotties!

    However, this will not doubt be something ASH places on his resume and claims that HE had something to do with it.

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