A two week recess for legislators

It doesn’t look like things will be getting any busier in Atlanta:

The State Capitol will stand nearly empty for two weeks. Some committees will soldier on, but for the most part lawmakers will flee for home, to re-introduce themselves to the spouse and kids.

Already, this session has earned a reputation for lethargy — not necessarily a bad thing if you don’t like strangers peering into your bedroom or your wallet.

As of Wednesday, the 26th day of a 40-day gathering, the House had experienced only two full-fledged debates — one over gun legislation, and a second over a retirement fund investment bill.

The action in the Senate has been only slightly more exciting.

The main reason for the torpidity — as well as the recess until mid-March — can be laid at the feet of PeachCare, and Gov. Sonny Perdue’s wrestling match with the U.S. government.


  1. landman says:

    This is a prudent move for the Legislature to do considering the impact on the budget that PeachCare carries.Hats off to Sonny,Glen and Casey for going this route and trying to find a workable solution.
    Bobby that clicking you hear is the pencils hitting the walls and floors because your party cant find one qualified candidate to run in the 10th CD how sad you guys have become.

  2. adamsmith4883 says:

    Ok, anyone who thinks that the GA does no work while out of session is sadly mistaken.

    “Committees will soldier on,” is the key phrase in that article. Anyone who is truly familiar with the legislative process knows that all the real work is done in the committees. So, if the committees are still meeting, then work is still being done.

    Come to the Capitol and see for yourself…

  3. Bobby Kahn says:

    And even while they are in “recess” they will be collecting per diems for “committee days”. So even if they finish on Day 37, 38 or 39, the taxpayers get stuck. The savings for finishing “early”, if early is in mid-April, will pale in comparison to the committee day per diems racked up waiting for the feds to come to the rescue.

    Efficiency in the New Georgia.

  4. Back before i got sentenced to death row, i was a pretty good kick boxer. Tell cousin Sonny to send the helicopter down to Macon and we’ll do Washington D.C. together re: Peachcare Funding.

  5. landon says:

    Bobby, please try to remember that just because the current leadership doesn’t have your political affiliation, doesn’t mean they can’t act in the best interests of Georgia’s children. If you know anything about the legislature at all, you know that most members would make much more money privately than they ever will make collecting per diem, even for an extra month. It is obvious that PeachCare funding must be nailed down one way or another for the legislature to pass a budget, and as of today the legislature only has 13 days left. Rushing through those days in order to get out as quickly as possible would frankly be irresponsible. Too bad your partisan glasses are too tinted to perceive that.

  6. Mad Dog says:

    Bill Simon,

    Cylinders do not fire.

    Cylinders hold the rounds.

    Empty cylinders reverberate with a clicking sound when the hammer falls.

    Perhaps, you were thinking of spark plugs.

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