Stoneridge Wins Pollie

The Pollies are like the Oscars for political pr0n. TV ads, web, print, etc. are all categories in the Pollie awards, which are judged through the American Association of Political Consultants (I’m a member).

Regular readers know I’m a fan of the Stoneridge Group. They do a helluva job for Republican candidates. I’d venture to say they are the best in Georgia on either side of the aisle, if not the Southeast.

Well, I’m pleased to let you all know that Stoneridge won a Pollie for It was a killer website, filled with humorous digs at Ralph. Sadly, it seems the site is now offline.

Congrats to Stoneridge.

UPDATE: They also won the “best negative contrast mail piece” for their Marianas Island piece. You remember that one, I’m sure.

Oh, and you can see the Reed’s Greatest Hits site here.


  1. David says:

    I second the congrats and I don’t even know the guys! They did have an easy, sleazy target! Isn’t Ralph supposedly/allegedly being sued by his Indian clients? Anybody got an update on that?

  2. blazer says:

    the lawsuit that hit two days before the election??? oh it was dropped on the 8th 🙂 ewww sorry Ralph… hahahaha

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