Maybe Obama’s not planning on staying long?

From the Gwinnett Insider:

Like many other newcomers to the county, Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign’s first Gwinnett home seems to be an extended-stay hotel.

Last week, we received a press release seeking Gwinnett volunteers for the Obama campaign from someone called Professor Kenneth L. Spruce.

The number listed next to Spruce’s name belongs to an Extended Stay America hotel in Norcross, according to the automated voice that answered the phone.

We punched in the three-digit extention on the press release and heard a recorded message from “Ken Spruce.”

We left a message.


  1. mainstream GOP says:

    Rural, how you can like Warer and then Edwards in beyond me lol..besides the fact that they are from the south, they arent very similar..Edwars is running much more to the left than in 2004, if youre looking for a candidate with a closer mind set to Warner than Edwards, Try Hillary..I wouldn’t vote for her..but I’d rather she be president than Edwards, or Obama.

  2. RuralDem says:

    You question how I could like Warner then Edwards, and then you try to compare Warner to Hillary? Haha.

    Edwards’ decision to run a campaign geared further to the left than 2004 has bothered me, but out of the “big three” he’s my pick. Edwards could appeal to centrists (such as myself) much easier than Hillary and Obama. Hillary is too divisive and Obama is simply over-hyped by the media.

  3. sndeak says:

    Rural – you got it bassackwards..

    I was a Warner supporter as well having worked as a county coordinator for his Gubernatorial campaign in Va and being part of the Draft Warner group. Obama is closer to Warner than either Edwards or Clinton.

    Both Warner and Obama are strong supporters of Opportunity, Shared Sacrifice and Responsibility.

  4. Jmac says:

    I’d agree with sndeak on this one RuralDem, and I backed Edwards in 2004. Of course, I’m on the Obama bandwagon, so there’s that.

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