Robert Brown Inching Toward His Next Move

The city of Macon has five wards with three posts in each ward. Ward 1 in each post runs city wide. This was actually done because of racial issues a long time ago. Similarly, when the GOP was in charge of the city in the early 80’s, they made the nonpartisan city elections partisan, thinking that would help them. It did not.

Finally coming to the conclusion that 15 city council members is too many for a city of Macon’s size, the City Council voted to get rid of four of the five citywide seats. No redistricting would be needed. Elections would be held this year without those four seats. One city wide post would be kept and that person would become President of the City Council.

Robert Brown has killed the idea. Robert Brown has decided to singlehandedly block what the vast majority of the City Council and residents of Macon support.

The short and sweet version of this is that with Brown thus far intent on running for City Council, he no doubt wants to shape the new city council to his liking by redrawing the wards. In the process he can cull the number of white city council members and the number of Republican city council members — Brown being both motivated by partisanship and racial identity.

The City of Macon can only hope that Sen. Cecil Staton will promptly introduce this as a matter of general legislation. When he does so, perhaps he might consider also making Macon’s races nonpartisan again. Macon is one of the very, very few municipalities in Georgia still using partisan elections for municipal seats.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    I think the use of the term “wards” to describe sections of a city is pretty antiquated. Reminds me of the “wards” of New Orleans…or, the “mental wards” of Macon and Milledgeville.

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