1. Erick, Adam etc,

    Just an alternate suggestion. But i’ll make sure to sing the Peaches Pundit’s suggestion to the kids and media at orientation tonight:

    Wednesday 2/21/07

    An opportunity to serve education and underpriveleged children, who take time to volunteer to serve their community on a regular basis despite the odds:

    The Mentors Project Presents:

    WHAT: “Mentor Orientation”
    WHEN: Wednesday Feb. 21
    TIME: 5:30 to 7p.m.
    LOCATION: Red Cross Office, 195 Holt Avenue, Macon, Georgia.

    ***The training is for new as well as seasoned mentors. for more information***

    For more information:

    June O’neal
    Email: [email protected]

    The Mentors Project
    Overview & Applications Website:
    P.O. Box 13750
    Macon, Ga 31208-3750

    Mentors Project Physical Office Location:
    Room 229
    484 Mulberry St
    Macon, Ga 31201
    478-765-8624 – Phone
    478-765-8540- Fax

    “Who mentored you? Thank them, and Pass it on….Mentor a child.”

  2. shelbinator says:

    Over at Ze Frank’s site, they’ve been collaboratively building the extended remix and video for Ray’s song for months. Not crazy about the end product, but for the bored and intrigued, go to zefrank.com/theshow and click on the “ray video complete” link in the upper right.

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