1. GOPeach says:

    Perhaps this could be renamed–

    ” Another GOPeach Thread” instead. : )

    You wanted me off the Island and then I found a place to keep the trolls off the Cobb GOP races and I still get the heart from you!

    Jeff – I just have to take you out for coffee sometime so we can hug! 🙂

  2. bowersville says:

    GOPeach should go to the mirror and ask Liberty Belle and Judge Seidlin, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel where art thou?” And keep it between the three of them.

    This is the most ridiculous, repugnant reflection on the Republican party I’ve ever known of.

    Maybe with backers like Peach, Coates should withdraw in the best interest of the Cobb GOP. I thought we had problems locally, but putting this garbage on the Internet for the world to read takes the cake.

    You thought Barnes was bad? Read GOPeach!

    If you get bored with all the Anna Nicole stuff, read “Another Cindye Coates…” thread. Or better yet, watch “As the Stomach Turns” on the Soap Opera Net, Chanel 3222.

  3. GOPeach says:


    Cindye is not going to withdraw from the race. She has a very broad base. I do not reflect who she connects to. She ran in a democrat district and nearly won it. She appeals to a lot of people.

  4. bowersville says:

    Peach, what was that you ask? “Jeff-I just have to take you out for coffee sometime so we can can hug?”

    Are you a “Lewinsky?”

  5. Adam Fogle says:

    Who is Cindy Coates?

    Do you really want to open that Pandora’s Box on here? If you had read through that thread, you would realize that you have just inadvertently summoned a barrage of comments from GOPeach.

    You see, it is painfully probable that within the hour, GOPeach will be on here with an unabridged biography and 200-comment-long endorsement of Cindye Coates.

    Why did you have to put us throught that Demonbeck? Why?

  6. Demonbeck says:

    Because I refuse to read through all that crap and I hoped that someone could give me the quick and dirty and then Erick could lock and or delete this thread.

  7. Demonbeck says:

    The only reason I went on there was because I thought she was that nutbag who wanted to ban Harry Potter.

  8. Red Dawg says:

    I am appauled that you people would find such entertainment discussing someone whom you have never met like this.

    To Demonbeck:
    The Coates are the best neigbors we have. All the neighborhood kids play football in their large front yard almost eveyday with their sons.

    Dr. Coates “Cindye” is a very highly respected educator. She has a tutoring company . She is on the board of Milford Little League, she has a Food and Clothing Ministry, etc…. She ran for the Georgia State House of Represntatives as a Republican and almost won. She is such a great lady and anything negative these people are saying is not true.

    To Adam Fogle:

    You obviously do not know Cindye Coates. She is anything but a “nutbag”. I went to highschool and college with her and we are friends. I will be sure she knows about this web-site and does something about this. This breaks my heart.

  9. Red Dawg says:

    Jeff Emanuel-

    Cindye Coates wants your phone number.
    Her e-mail address is [redacted]

    She really needs to speak with you ASAP!

  10. Icarus says:

    I’m kind of new here, so let me make sure I have this straight,

    Red Dawg = Liberty Belle = GOPeach = Cindye Coates?

    Does that some how add up to 23?

  11. This is Cindye Coates. I attempted to ignore this blog thread but after 500 posts, and a visit from a concerned neighbor, I think it’s time to step in and make a few public statements:

    Regarding “GOPeach” – Yes I know who she is. She has obviously voiced her support, but I do not condone all that she says; nor do I agree with her style of communicating. I requested that she refrain.

    However, I simply cannot be held responsible for the actions of all those who support me. I am only responsible for my slate and myself. Having ran in 2 State House campaigns, I have learned to pick and choose my battles. I would like to encourage everyone to do the same.

    It is clear that blogging has become the new battleground for angry people with unresolved disputes. It may be entertaining or some sort of therapy but I would like to suggest that you think about the effects of each post and how slander can be so destructive.

    It is clear that this blog is not moderated with discression and it is basically a free for all –anything goes. This is very dangerous. There is room for great error. Boundaries are good and I think it is good to have rules.

    I have made several attempts to contact Erick Erickson and Jeff Emanuel privately by e-mail and by phone today and I have yet to hear back from them. I always prefer the phone over e-mails as so many things can be misunderstood in an e-mail.

    I am making a public request that my name be removed from this blog and that anyone who desires to ask me any questions, contact me:
    [email protected] as opposed to posting gossip and rumors.

  12. Adam Fogle says:


    It actually goes something like this:

    “GOPeach” = “Black Voters” + “Dr. C.” + “Cindye Coates” + “Liberty Belle” + “Red Dawg”

    And those are only the usernames that share, a.) an IP Address, b.) similar e-mail addresses and, c.) similarly poor grammar.

    FYI – Just because he/she/it used the name “Cindye Coates” does not mean that he/she/it is Cindye Coates.

    Anyway, he/she/it is gone now.

  13. mainstream GOP says:

    I don’t know Jeff,

    he/she/ it certainly knew more about Cindye Coates than I think I know about myself; if it wasn’t her than someone has a very sick obsession with her…I’ve suspected this all along, but I didn’t want to say anything because Erick said he could confirm they were 2 different people. Either way, I think this unfourtuneatley is something that will have a substantial impact on the race.

    ..and that is officially the last time I am commenting on this race, it is a month away, and Im already sick of it so much I could vomit.

  14. newworld says:

    Yeah. Perhaps it wasn’t Cindye Coates. I’m with mainstream, though.

    That was the reason I never apologized to GOPeach. I couldn’t accept that she was anyone but the woman for whom she was advertising.

  15. debbie0040 says:

    You guys are disgusting and this will be my last post on PP. I encourage all others to avoid PP like the plague because you engage in censorship.

    You just banned anyone form that ISP from posting on PP. Way to go. As for as posting the personal contact info, how do you know that Cindye did not give them permission to do so? You all were just looking for excuses to ban them and you make me SICK!!

    This is my last post on PP

    I have had it with the Coates detractors like Mainstream, New World and others. I am no longer neutral in this chairman’s race. I am supporting Coates and will encourage all my friends in cobb to support and work for her. I am emailing your nasty comments about her to all I know.

    You censor people whose opinion you don’t like. You just threw off a group of people whose opinion because the IP was the same. Just about anyone on the Bellsouth ISP network has the same external IP. They have many behind the DMZ, but only one appears to the external world.

    I know who GOPeach is and it is not Liberty Belle. Liberty Belle is a man.

    The same IP means nothing and I hope GOPEAch does not take this laying down.

    There is something called NAT . This is probably over your heads and you apparently don’t care about facts, but here it is anyway.

    If you are reading this article, you are most likely connected to the Internet and viewing it at the HowStuffWorks Web site. There’s a very good chance that you are using Network Address Translation (NAT) right now.
    This is where NAT (RFC 1631) comes to the rescue. Network Address Translation allows a single device, such as a router, to act as an agent between the Internet (or “public network”) and a local (or “private”) network. This means that only a single, unique IP address is required to represent an entire group of computers.

    To see if the ISP you use uses NAT go to your start menu then go to start then run type in cmd. Then type in ipconfig and hit enter Look at your ip address.

    To see the IP address the external world sees go to:

  16. debbie0040 says:

    One last post for you braindead morons that think GOPeach is Cindye try checking out facts first instead of spreading false rumors that you are so good at.

    If you research you will find that GOPeach was posting during the last GOP primary in favor of Ralph Reed. Long before Cindye Coates even thought about running for Cobb GOP Chairman. Cindye had a race of her own to run during this time.

    The bottom line these posters could all use the same ISP or even be in the same household.

    Think back to when Brian laurens said the same thing about the same IP being used by different posters when Karen was running in the primary. Brian was banished from front page status and was told that just because the same IP was used did not mean it was the same computer. It could be form the same office, etc. My, My how your attitudes have change in regard to this issue….

  17. Bill Simon says:

    Hey, for all those who actually THOUGHT Debbie Ellis was “neutral” on the Cobb GOP race, you apparently don’t know Debbie enough to know that she lies with as much proclivity as Anthony-Scott Hobbs…and, she ACTUALLY believes, like Hobbs, that people are incapable of seeing RIGHT through her bullshit lies.

    By the way, DEBBIE, the person you’ve been cozying-up to in the state GOP race is one of those people who isn’t FOOLED by you. You’ve been a liar since Day One of your involvement in the Cobb GOP, and just because you moved to Gwinnett County, that doesn’t mean you gave up the practice of lying.

    I know it, you know it, and ANYONE with a modicum of a brain knows it. Once a stupid liar, ALWAYS a stupid liar.

  18. Philly says:

    Bill Simon, you have a great proclivity for spreading out right false rumors and out right lies.

    You and your co-horts have spread such lies as ‘The Cobb GOP did not file their financial disclosure form”. False

    Another false rumor spread by your co-hort, Mainstream , was that the Congressman Gingrey hosted a joint fundraiser at this home for Ralph Reed and the Cobb GOP. False, False, false.

    I could go on and on. You have never met a negative rumor about ASH or the Cobb GOP you did not like. We have still yet to see proof of your wild allegations about ASH or the Cobb GOP. You just change the subject and move on to new false rumors.

    As for your comments about Debbie, you are wrong. I have found her to be trustworthy and not at all the liar you claim her to be. We miss her greatly in Cobb and very frankly many of us still turn to her for questions or advise because she is easier to get in touch with than ASH is. We leaned on her for so long, it is hard to break that habit.

    I am supporting Sue for Georgia GOP chairman and had asked Debbie who she was supporting before I made my decision on whom I would support. She said she was remaining neutral and that both were good and good friends of hers.

    In the Cobb Chairman’s race she had in the past told a number of people including my self she was staying out of it. Thanks to you Mainstream, New World, Bob Koncerak and others that changed recently.

  19. Bill Simon says:


    The rumor on the Phil Gingrey thing was squelched before it went any further on this blog.

    However, the fact that YOU, who is is so “courageous” as to spend time on this blog writing under a name that is NOT your legal name in any way, to tell me that YOU think “Debbie is trustworthy” tells me two things.

    1) Either you possess an incredibly low IQ or

    2) You have a penis that controls your brain and you cannot tell when a woman is lying to you on ANY subject.

    Or, both could possibly explain your “feelings” about Debbie.

    By the way, Philly, have you EVER heard of the crime called “theft by conversion?”

  20. Philly says:

    Philly // Feb 23, 2007 at 11:05 am

    I can gurantee that my penis is not doing the thinking for me in regard to Debbie. I have never had any dealing with her other than her being up front with me and honest, even if I did not like what she had to say. I am not someone that just blindly believes what I am told and I check things out. In fact, I find ASH somewhat arrogant at times and like a typical car salesman type, but have never found Debbie to be that way. You have dislike for Debbie, Michael and others because they support ASH and that is not right. But then again, people don’t like Scott or Bob because they are associated with you so I guess that is human nature.

    You have made such wild accusations about ASH, have you any facts to back them up? You have accused him of misusing Cobb GOP funds to benefit his business, have any facts to back that up?

    I have heard of slander and libel…..

  21. Philly says:

    As far as the GA GOP chair race, many people that are allies to ASH are not supporting him in the Chair’s race. They are supporting Sue because we feel like she has earned it .

    We hope that ASH decides to step down and realize he can not win . He should run for some other office. His negatives are way too high at this time for him to win.

    Sue has numerous elected officials supporting her and ASH has none so far. He has to look at things objectedly and not make a fool of himself by getting defeated very badly.

  22. Bill Simon says:


    I have lots of facts, actually. I hope to put out a Vine later tonight that discusses some of those facts.

    They will not be, by any stretch, ALL of the facts I have on ASH because I’m actually having to file Open Records Requests and do research at the Cobb County courthouse to extract the info and data I need just so people like ASH, Treasurer Michael Altman…and people like YOU will have NO PLACE TO RUN AWAY from my facts.

    And, as such, all of these facts will be WELL-DOCUMENTED, which takes time to gather, and present.

    So, Philly, if you have an e-mail address that is on the Political Vine’s subscriber list, look for an e-mail from the Vine (It will be titled something on the order of “State GOP Alert!”), either very late tonight, or early tomorrow morning.

    I do not have a lot of time tonight or energy to spend on this, so, again, it will have some examples, but not all of the examples.

    If you are not on my mailing list, then you’re just Sigma Omega Lamda.

  23. Philly says:

    Bill, if you prove that ASH used party funds to help his business, I will apologize. There will be a lot of people close to him that trust him that will be in for a shock if you are right. They will most likely be very angry for being taken in by him.

    I find it hard to believe that Michael Altman would risk his lucrative CPA business to do something illegal or underhanded.

    I find it har

  24. mainstream GOP says:

    I refuse to comment any further on the race..

    but, I did wat to clear one thing up:

    Philly, I invite you to look over what I said about the fund-raiser at Phil Gingrey’s house…I said I was told by a Reed supporter at the time that it was a joint fundraiser for Reed and the Cobb GOP…I asked Bill to find out what actually happend from Debbie, who cleared it up. This Reed supporter was obviously either mistaken, or wanted to play on my admiration for Congressman Gingrey to some how change my mind; and believe the Congressman was endorsing him. I apologized for not seeking the facts first.

    Also, if you will look at all my posts, they express nothing near the amount of negativity yours do..so get of that high horse of yours!

  25. Bill Simon says:

    Dang! Another mistake I have to apologize for. My reference above to being Sh*t Outta Luck should have been written as Sigma OMICRON Lambda, not Sigma “Omega” Lambda…since “Omega” is actually the last letter of the Greek Alphabet.

  26. GOPeach says:

    Hey Bill —

    Good boy… you searched the acrhives to see if Frank read your little post. I think Frank has a life, sweetie. He is a Sub-district Chiar with 9 others who are his friends and they know what you are up to.

    I was just forwarded a copy of the Political Slime- ( your new name among the new Cobb GOP Leadership). I see that you wrote ” The REAL Story…” under a RUMORS thread. lol

    Yeah righ!

    You have stirred up a hornets nest. Thank you!
    See ya on March 24th, Sucker.

    You will have to do some serious butt kissing to keep the new Executive Board from throwing you out of the Cobb GOP. Holly is big, butt (sic) not big enough unfortunately to stand down 10 Sub-district Chairs and a new Exective Board. This should be entertaining.

    Your little group are in way over their head. I hope you can swim.

  27. GOPeach says:

    Oh and just for the record, dear …

    Dawn , Frank, and ASH did not recruit the Coates’ Slate- They decided to run on their own and then came together to form a slate.

    Also – Cindye Coates is not controlled by anyone but God. Frank’s last name is not ” Christ”. Sorry to disappoint you.

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