Missing The Point On Genarlow Wilson

Having called in the past for a pardon or something to get Genarlow Wilson out of jail, I have to say that I have moved away from that position the more I have learned about the case.

And I take it from reading reader reaction to both Will Hinton’s post and Senator Johnson’s post that most of you have, like I had, bought the hype and ignored the facts.

It was refreshing to hear Sen. Johnson, just ten minutes ago, call in to Neal Boortz’s show and, after presenting the facts to Neal, have Neal second guess himself.

I think, if I could get my hands on it, it would be worthwhile making the video tape of the incident available to the public. Even blowhard Bill O’Reilly who championed Genarlow has had to back away from his position after seeing the tape.

People who have bought the spin that this was two horny teenagers engaged in consensual sex are flat out wrong. There is a lot more to the case than that. And while ten years may be too long a sentence, Genarlow Wilson brought that bit of it on himself.

I have no more sympathy for him having delved into the facts of the case.

BTW, I should add, at the end of this, that I do also oppose, and have always opposed, mandatory sentences. We should trust the judge and jury. In this case, though, the jury did find Genarlow guilty of something more than statutory rape.


  1. Erick says:


    There were two girls involved. One was a 15 year old and it appears there was consensual oral sex involved.

    But the other was a 17 year old girl who was barely conscious when Genarlow and his buddies decided to have sex with her.

    The buddies all plead out and Genarlow refused. The tape, which I haven’t seen but have had described for me, makes it clear that in those moments when the 17 year old girl was lucid, she was not consenting.

    It’s the stuff on the tape that damned Genarlow before the jury.

  2. griftdrift says:

    And the people that have seen the tape, the jury and the CNN reporter whose video I linked to have seen the tape. They all concluded there was no rape.

    Based on what was reported in the CNN video everything Senator Johnson has been saying at this point is exaggerated to put it kindly.

  3. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I believe there’s a record of about 40 previous arrests between Genarlow and the rest of his Wu Tang Clan. Community activists, to be sure.

  4. Erick says:

    Yeah. The jury that convicted him after seeing the tape thought there was no rape. They certainly thought there was more to it than consensual sex.

  5. Erick says:

    The fact is, as Eric Johnson said, the jury got him based on the 15 year old, but they really convicted him based on what he did with the 17 year old.

    We shouldn’t be arguing over the Genarlow Wilson Martyrdom campaign. We should be arguing over the sentencing structure.

    And, again, he was given time to take a deal and refused. He played the odds and lost.

  6. griftdrift says:

    Erick you are missing the point. I am reading the cert to the Supremes now and the statute involved. The act with the 17 year old was the basis for the rape charge. The jury acquitted on that charge. Senator Johnson wants to emphasize there was a conviction and say we shouldn’t question the juries decision since they saw the evidence but he doesn’t want to clarify what the TWO SEPARATE verdicts actually mean.

  7. griftdrift says:

    JESUS EFFING CHRIST! He didn’t take the deal because he would have had to register as a sex offender! That lives with you the rest of your life! In case you missed it, technically you can’t live near a school bus stop in this state now if you are on that list. Already causing one woman in Augusta who was convicted for giving a blowjob in class to move.

    By God if we are going to sit here and talk about the facts we are going to talk about all of them.

  8. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Genarlow needs to get in line. First we need to free Leonard Peltier, then Mumia (stay strong), and then the West Memphis 3, and then–and only then–does Genarlow get out.

  9. HeartofGa says:

    I agree with your opposition to mandatory sentences, but fail to see how you can oppose them yet support one in this instance. If the law were not problematic, then the legislature would not have moved to change it. The last thing lawmakers want to do is appear “soft” on sex offenders.

  10. Mad Dog says:

    Heart of GA,

    The next to the last thing legislatures want to do is get caught being racist. ?

    Or, get caught running the court system?

    Or, get caught giving the Governor a $100,000 back dated tax break?

    Or, get caught taking classes in Scientology?

    Or, get caught having sex with a lobbyist in a public place? (Especially after putting forward a special slice of legislation for that lobbyist)

    What is second on the list of things lawmakers don’t want to do?

    (sarcasm intended)

  11. HeartofGa says:

    Yeah, but I really think they’re afraid of the ads that will run if they do anything that makes them appear to be soft, I mean sane, about sex offenders. You know the ones: children on swing sets, someone peering through the bushes etc. Saying that someone is soft on sex offenders is just one notch short of saying that they are, in fact, sex offenders. There are many problems with the law, even as it stands today, but the worst is that it generalizes a tough and expensive approach to a group that includes some who are actually a threat to our children and others who are not and never were. We need to focus resources on doing what will actually keep children safer, and consenual teen sex, no matter how morally objectionable the situation may be, is not one of those things.

  12. Keyboard Warrior says:

    Erick was misled by Senator Eric Johnson on the Neil Boortz show this morning. 17 year-old Genarlow Wilson had no arrests prior to the case in which he was convicted for getting a blow job from a 15 year-old girl — none — nada — zero. In fact, Wilson was an honors student in high school.

    The 15 year-old girl, who did not drink or smoke pot that night, does and has always said that this act was consensual. In other words, she was not a “victim” as Johnson claims.

    Wilson did not have intercourse, abusive or otherwise, with anybody who was passed out or barely conscious. Wilson did have consensual intercourse the same night with another 17 year-old girl. Despite Johnson’s insistence that he knows otherwise, the jury found Wilson not guilty on rape charges, and the alleged rape victim, says that Wilson did not rape her.

    Wilson, who again, had never been arrested before, didn’t plead out because he didn’t think that receiving a blow job should be illegal. He also didn’t want to be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. I wouldn’t have pleaded out either.

    Erick writes, “The fact is, as Eric Johnson said, the jury got him based on the 15 year old, but they really convicted him based on what he did with the 17 year old.” Of course, this is not fact, but merely speculation on the part of Senator Johnson and accepted without question by Erick. The fact is that members of the jury have actually sought to have the conviction overturned when they learned of the draconian sentence.

    Eric and Erick have confused “facts” with facts.

  13. Keyboard Warrior says:

    “Eric and Erick have confused ‘facts’ with facts.” should have said, “Eric and Erick have confused ‘facts’ with falsehoods.”

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