Burning Crosses in Dunwoody

Not really, but Connie Stokes suggests that Dunwoody’s incorporation is racially motivated.

Commissioner Connie Stokes said the incorporation issues are about politics.

“I hear the same undercurrent being discussed on this issue as I did when I was in the State Senate and we were discussing whether or not to fly the flag [with an confederate emblem],” she said.

“There are other reasons that are not being discussed publicly why these [city] initiatives come forward. We are continuing to separate ourselves, and we can’t be competitive when we do that.”

To be honest with you, I think she’s probably right. The Dunwoody area has been thriving and is richer and whiter than a lot of other areas in Dekalb. The rich people get it in their head that they are subsidizing poor Dekalb and want out. It just so happens that the rich people are predominately white and the poor people are predominately black. What should be a socioeconomic issue is now a racial issue.

The problem, though, is that no one can or will have an honest discussion about this because everyone screams racism, bigotry, etc. and the media would jump in and paint an unfair picture.

These issues are out there, but no one will discuss them or do anything about them because an honest discussion is impossible. Nonetheless, does that mean Dunwoody should not incorporate? It seems to me that Dunwoody has become a community of interest for a lot of people. There is a vibrant property owners association up there. And the people of Dunwoody are proving that they take really good care of themselves, probably better than the county does.

At the same time, the county is making it really clear that it is dependent on Dunwoody money to subsidize the rest of the county — exactly as the Dunwoody residents say.

Why not give them their city.


  1. Nicki says:

    It doesn’t just so happen. That’s a nice idea, but the poor in this country are overwhelmingly not white, and furthermore our racist past is partially the cause of who’s poor and why.

    As for why? Well, ’cause that’d just ensure the poor stay poor. Sounds like fun — let’s do it!

  2. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Who the F*** cares what Connie Stokes has to say. That woman, formerly known as Charles Walker’s and Roy Barnes’ lap dog, has never had an independent thought in her life.

    To quote Erick:
    At the same time, the county is making it really clear that it is dependent on Dunwoody money to subsidize the rest of the county — exactly as the Dunwoody residents say.

    Enough said.

  3. Indy says:

    Stokes use of race concerning the Dunwoody incorporation is ridiculous and unfortunate because there are real issues that need to be considered and discussed.

    Take for example the fact that the proposed City of Dunwoody would include the central perimeter business district while excluding ALL of the neighborhoods to the south of I285. I live in the unincorporated area to the south of I285. OUR neighborhoods have to deal with the impact of the traffic and other issues in the perimeter business district on a daily basis. Most of OUR neighborhoods are closer in proximity to the business district than those included in the City of Dunwoody. Because Dunwoody is taking the business tax base and excluding the bordering neighborhoods WE are left with very few options. We will not have the ability to incorporate as another small city because we are for the most part residential and we do not have the business tax base to support a new city.

    Why do the people in Dunwoody and Senator Dan Weber think they can take a regional economic engine and include it in their tax base while leaving the closest neighborhoods out of their city? Would someone remind Senator Weber that less than half of his district is what he/they consider “Dunwoody”. The rest of us would like some representation. Anyone out there interested in running against Weber next year (if he isn’t running for mayor) has my vote and my dollars!

    I do not oppose a City of Dunwoody. I do however oppose Dunwoody taking the commercial tax base while excluding bordering residential areas because “they are not Dunwoody.” It seems if Dunwoody does incorporate they will NOT be knows as a city of good neighbors!

  4. David says:

    Nikki, You are saying that most of those who qualify as poor are NOT white? Of course they are. White people make up the vast majority of total people in this country, rich AND poor. And if the poor want to advance economically, maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop doing the behavior that keeps them poor. I have a novel idea, why don’t they try to excel in school, make good grades, and earn better economic opportunities for themselves? Naaaaaa, they’d rather play the blame game. This class warfare s**t is really getting old.

  5. Mad Dog says:


    Just to turn the tables on you, I guess Genarlo Wilson deserves 20 years in prison.

    Was his real crime being black while having oral sex? Or just being poor?

    Your choice.

  6. David says:

    Hey, Mad. I did not even know that Wilson WAS black. Help me get your point here. Is Wilson himself playing up that he was, indeed, black and supposedly poor? I’m not sure your point based on my comment. I’m basically saying, in a nutshell, racial/social status politics is a tired argument.

  7. Nicki says:

    Nikki, You are saying that most of those who qualify as poor are NOT white?

    Sorry. The non-white are disproportionately poor.

    And if the poor want to advance economically, maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop doing the behavior that keeps them poor.

    I recognize the role of poor behavior, and I also champion personal responsibility. But I think you’re full of it if you want to pretend that people who were for generations denied opportunities offered to others (like for starters the ability to live where they chose) and who furthermore have no inherited wealth to draw upon are on equal footing with those who had those opportunities.

  8. David says:

    Nicki, You didn’t say “proportional”, you said in sheer numbers there were more poor blacks than poor whites and you are incorrect. Why have a pissing contest over than fact? And no more crutches for failure, Nicki, just stop it. What happened 140 years ago to somebody’s great great grandfather has NOTHING to do with why they are dismal societal failures now in 2007. When the culture that promotes criminal behavior and under achievement as a goal is finally booted out the door, then progress will certainly be made. The minorities you speak of certainly aren’t stupid. The culture in which they are immersed needs to change.

  9. Jmac says:

    David, I’m glad to see that you’re on board with Erick’s call for an honest discussion. I mean, Good Lord, Nicki tries to explain her point more clearly for you and you say ‘just stop it.’ She acknowledged she misspoke and tried to clarify her comments. You could take her at her word.

    For more clarity, Nicki wasn’t referring to what happened 140 years ago, but rather the fact that the majority of minorities, primarily African-Americans, don’t have the same level of inherited wealth as most white folks do. This is directly attributed to laws which kept them as an underclass leading up to the 1960s. Since then, societal factors and, in some instances, institutional racism have hindered success.

    This isn’t to say that these factors won’t lesson with time and each passing generation, but to act as if they don’t have a role, particularly with regard to issues of poverty in today’s society, is missing the point … particularly when she conceded that personal responsibility and making appropriate choices do play a role in this.

  10. Indy says:

    Does anyone want to discuss the issue I brought up or do you want to banter about the nonsensical race issue…

  11. Trackboy1 says:

    This is the same Connie Stokes that, as a state senator, co-sponsored a proclamation in 2000-01 for Bishop Earl Paulk, and then tried to name a road after him in 2003-04. The very same Bishop Earl who made national news with sex scandals in the 90’s, and now has more allegations, including molestation of his own freaking granddaughter.

    First Connie gives big prop’s to a serial molester, then she uses the confederate flag in the Dunwoody city debate.

    Connie Stokes, a true beacon of statemanship!





  12. Trackboy1 says:

    Indy: Not all of the Perimeter Center area is in the proposd Dunwoody limits. Actually, there’s big plans for commercial, housing and office space in the unincorporated Perimeter area. Dunwoody itself is all but built out. There are a ton of ratables coming to the area outside of Dunwoody proper.

  13. Indy says:

    Trackboy1, There is a small portion of the PCID inside 285 (that Dunwoody initially included in their initial maps). The VAST MAJORITY is in what would be Dunwoody and it is NOT “built out”… you are kidding about that right?

    Where exactly are the “big plans for commercial, housing and office gong to go inside 285? Not knocking down our homes I hope… there is a small amount of land near the HP tower but that is it. Dunwoody should not be allowed to take this commercial base from the impacted and VERY CLOSE neighborhoods.

    Like I said Dunwoody WILL NOT be known as a city of good neighbors…

  14. ARBY says:

    I live in Dunwoody and have a slightly differerent perspective than all of the twits that are so quick to scream racist nonsense. I am so tired of that crap. It makes the Atlanta area a putrid place to live.

    Dunwoody is an area that has been redefined by its changing geography during the past 30 years. Most recently, Sandy Springs became a western boundry, the Chattahoochee is the northern boundry along with the Fulton county line. Gwinnett County is the eastern boundry and I-285 has become a very big barrier — and the southern boundry. If functions like a wall.

    During the time that all of this was happening, Dunwoody built out. It has an extensive residential, retail and office market. The residential is filthy rich, rich, wealthy, middle class, lower middle class and in a few apartment complexes, low-income. Although the community is certainly majority white, there is a fairly significant “international” air to many neighborhoods — which is certainly the case on my street. Dunwoody also has it own newspaper and that has significantly help build a very strong local identity within the community. I think it is fair to say that most Dunwoody residents identify themselves as Dunwoody residents rather than Dekalb residents.

    The main issue is the county imposing reckless redevelopment. In the area near my home along the northern boundry of 285, there is currently pending requests for more than 4,000 new apartments. Folks this is a nightmare. Dekalb wants to approve all of it — of course — to generate more revenue for the entire county.

    The county won’t listen to Dunwoody residents about the problems they are creating. After years of rejecting every plea from Dunwoody — Dunwoody has one vote left. Dunwoody gets to VOTE WITH ITS FEET. It is a civic right that every person individually, and every community collectively has.

    I do have sympathy with those folks immediately south of 285, they are in the same boat, but I think they might be better candidates to annex into Chamblee, which is on the verge of becoming the hottest booming high-income city in the area. I think is could “out-wealth” Dunwoody in the next 10 years.

    I am sure that that there are some people in Dunwoody who favor cityhood for racial reasons or any other number of stupid ideas. But is not the small people that are making this decision and I resent the simpleminded twits that have suggested that here and elsewhere. In a sense you have made a point. When a legimate complaint to government is met with charges of racism, what can Dunwoody do but throw up its hands and walk. Dekalb created this problem for itself — let it stew.

    This is about self-determination and justice. A neighborhood of 48,000 people have recognized that it has changed — it has become a city.

  15. dunwoodydem says:


    Too bad you waited until now to decide that you would like to replace Dan Weber. The issue that Sen. Weber is not interested in what’s best for the non-Dunwoody portion of his district was obvious to everyone last year. The only chance for anyone to change the plan for Dunwoody incorporation was to support his opponent last year, and the folks inside 285 did not do that. So there is very little that can be done know. The decision has been made by Sen. Wber and the Citizens for Dunwoody group, and they don’t care what anyone else thinks.

  16. Indy says:


    Thanks for supporting my thought that Dunwoody will not be know as a city of good neighbors… “they don’t care what anyone else thinks”. That has been OBVIOUS for a long time. Here’s hoping Danny runs for mayor so the rest of us can be rid of his NON-representation.

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