And in the red corner…

Paul Broun, Jr. apparently has Tim Echols working on his campaign (press release header below the fold).

You be the judge as to whether that’s a positive or a negative.

Conservative Leader Paul Broun AnnouncesCandidacy for Congress in 10th District


Contact: Tim Echols, 706-***-****


  1. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Say what you will about Tim Echols and the beliefs that he promotes, but I would argue almost any time grassroots gets involved, it is better for the candidate.

    Wouldn’t you all agree that McGuire’s and Reed’s downfalls were likely something larger than Mr. Echols involvement in their campaigns?

  2. Bill Simon says:


    I don’t think they are saying that Echols’ involvement in these two campaigns led to the failure of the campaigns.

    Maybe his involvment, though, is more of a leading indicator that the candidate is wrong on so many levels for the race that candidate is running in.

  3. hankreardan says:

    I doubt he will remeber but my first campaign I worked on was Paul Broun Jr’s. when he ran against Mac Collins in 1992. I believed he lost something like 54% to 46 % in the primary. That was back when I will still lost and that the Republican were for small government.

  4. timechols says:

    It has been awhile since I ventured back to the Pundit, and not much has changed. Lots of negative with a pinch of positive. Have homeschoolers offended you all in some way? Maybe I can give you all a scholarship to one of my classes at the capitol to give you a positive outlook on life? Seriously, I am all about encouraging more involvement in government and politics–not less. I am about motivating young people to make a difference. I have worked for a lot of candidates over the years–mostly out of state. Many of the names you’d recognize in Congress today. Even guys who lose their race like Perry should be commended for making the effort. More good folks are needed, but enduring the criticism of folks on our own “side” certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

  5. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Welcome back, Tim! You are, of course, welcome here any time.

    I know I personally would love to hear you, like any other who has picked their man or woman in the 10th CD race, make a case for the candidate in question.

    Try not to let what negativity there may be here keep you away — there are plenty here who want info, and who want good debate. So please, stick around! 🙂

  6. mainstream GOP says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Tim once, but I have heard many good things about him.

    We may not always support the same candidates, but there is no question that he is providing a great service to our party, by grooming some of our party’s youth. He deserves our respect!

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