Room for one more?

Athens physician Paul Broun, Jr., son of the former state senator from Athens of the same name, will be joining the scramble to fill the 10th CD seat left open by the late Charlie Norwood last week.

Though not a big name outside (or, arguably, even within) the Athens-Oconee area, Broun, a self-described constitutional strict-constructionist who had been planning to run upon Norwood’s retirement for quite some time, has been rumored to have a list of endorsers lined up, and upwards of half a million dollars already pledged to his campaign.

Out of respect for the late Charlie Norwood, Broun, a Republican, planned to wait until after the Governor’s election announcement to announce his candidacy.

Update: He is apparently making the formal anouncement of his candidacy at this week’s UGA College Republican meeting. Rumor has it they’re also providing pizza. No word on whether or not there’ll be kegs or interns present. 😉


  1. He is actually going to announce his candidacy at the UGA CR meeting this Wednesday.

    For those of you in the Athens area, our meeting will take place at 7PM in SLC room 214.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    ahem. GAPeach:

    Broun…had been planning to run upon Norwood’s retirement for quite some time

    Last I checked, Charlie Norwood was still alive — and still serving in Washington — in “early ’06.”

    The “respect for Norwood” is the waiting until the calling of the election to announce candidacy, rather than doing a Hudgens and waiting only for the medical examiner to pronounce the incumbent deceased.

    If you disagree, I’d love to hear a rational, intelligent explanation why.

  3. midgajim says:

    Broun used to live in Americus (I think) and ran against Richard Ray back in the late 80s or 90s. Had a poor showing.

  4. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I think you may have the wrong guy, midgajim. This Paul Broun is an Athens/Watkinsville physician, and his father was a state Senator — also from Athens — for 38 years, from 1963 through 2000, I believe.

    Doesn’t sound like Americus fits into that timeline.

  5. drjay says:

    it is indeed te same paul broun, dr. broun practiced medicine in americus and retired to athens where the family is from–he did run for congress in both 90 and 92 as irecall–and it seems like he may have run for senate at some point as well…

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