Republican Donor Charged With Aiding Terrorists

If this guy had been a Democratic donor instead of a Republican one, Sean Hannity would have brushed all Democrats as terrorism sympathizers wouldn’t he?


  1. commonsense says:

    But he was funding the GOP too, I don’t think anyone on the right has a problem with someone who hedges on their bets…look at McCain, Romney, and Guiliani right now.

  2. Know Nothing says:

    Just goes to show how dumn terrorists are. It would’ve been in the interest of his buddies for him to fund the DNC

  3. Josh D Ondich says:

    This is a story for Air America,Al Franken and New York Times to get back at Sean Hannity with. I am not like Sean Hannity who believes every one that is not a Bush Republican, Neo-Con is a terrorist sympathizer. Me personally see The Constitution Party as the true conservative alternative to the GOP. The only growing third party besides another great alternative to the GOP the Libertarian Party.
    The Libertarian Party
    The Constitution Party

  4. stephaniemills21 says:


    We know that you read the Drudge Report and the story has been on there since about noon today. 🙂

  5. jkga says:

    Know Nothing-

    Given that the Bush administration’s policies have led to a Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan, a failure to capture OBL, a huge increase of Al Qaeda activity in Iraq, and an abandonment of the US by its allies, it is pretty clear to me that this fellow knows what he’s doing by supporting the RNC.

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