Isn’t This the Ralph Reed Team

Serving on Governor Romney’s statewide team will be House Speaker Pro Tempore Mark Burkhalter, Congressman John Linder, Congressman Phil Gingrey, Congressman Tom Price, Eric J. Tanenblatt, Cobb County Commissioner Sam Olens, Oscar N. Persons, Fred Cooper and Nancy Coverdell.


  1. Skeptical says:

    Funny how he could have qualified as a MA liberal who supported gun control and gay rights until he decided he wanted to run for president. I think y’all labeled the wrong person from MA as the flip-flopper.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    I am still hoping Newt gets in the race. If he doesn’t, it looks like Rudy is the man.

    Don’t think Romney can win because he is a Morman. Then again, the same thing was said of JFK because he was Catholic.

  3. mainstream GOP says:

    Although Im undecided between Giuliani and McCain, I have to give Romney some props here.. he’s gotten off to a good start here in Georgia as well as the South, I would have thought there would be to many ignorant people down here (i.e. Debbie 😉 ) that would just count him out because he is a Mormon, he has done a good job in putting down that issue.

    Like Skeptical, Im thinking his biggest hurdle will be proving that he just didnt go from one side of these social issues to the other just to get elected..I mean even Kerry didn’t change that much, Romney has been pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-affirmative action, pro-gun control..and now he is on the polar opposite sides of these issues he used when running against Ted Kennedy in ’ least Giuliani is up front with us on his disagreements. But anyway, this should be interesting to watch..I think his other big hurdle will be convincing people he is electable, In a theoretical race between him and Hillary..Hillary wins with a near 60% of the vote, and Obama and Edwards aren’t much different.

  4. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I think that Romney has far more serious baggage than his Mormonism — like a total lack of consistency, for example.

    He looks increasingly like an opportunist who is trying to channel the spirit of Ronald Reagan. While I honestly haven’t made up my mind (beyond preferring “none of the above”) in this primary, the flocking of key unsavory Reed people to his side is worrisome, and his further policy reversals (on far too many issues) only make the situation worse. I fear that Mitt has already hit his apex in this primary, and that it’ll only be downhill from there.

  5. mainstream GOP says:

    Jeff, I felt the same way about him..but his interview with George Stephenophouls gave me a better impression of him, that being said..he will still have a very difficult time trying to paint him self a true conservative.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    I disagree about the religion. I am not sure the South would vote for a Mormon. It doesn’t bother me, but it is foolish to think it won’t make a difference. Romney has other serious flaws like changing positions on issues. How would we know which Romney we would be voting for?Then again Bush 41 ran as pro choice in 1980 and pro life in 1988.

    Newt, get in the race.

    The Antidote to Hillary?
    by John Batchelor

    Posted: 02/20/2007

  7. Skeptical says:

    There has to be Jeff! They need to quit foisting their people off on us – from both sides of the aisle.

  8. mainstream GOP says:

    Yes but I think Bush 41 was up front with us about his moderate oppinions, he didn’t jump from one in to the I think In that aspect, Romney is going to have a much more difficult time..not to mention Bush 41 was Reagan’s Vice President, therefore the odds on favorite..Romney is at a distant 3rd, and will be crushed if Newt jumps in.

    The Reagan’s believed in Astrology, they were Christians for sure but you’d think believing in Astrology would hurt them, and it didn’ I just don’t see how him being Morman would prevent him from gaining steam in the south..people who hold that against him probably wouldn’t vote for him anyway..I think actually in a way it could help, all the mormons I know love Romney, and it’s like he has a lock on their support and Mormons are over 80% Republican primary voters.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Jeff, you said “the flocking of key unsavory Reed people to his side is worrisome, “. So now Congressman John Linder, Congressman Phil Gingrey, Congressman Tom Price, Eric J. Tanenblatt, Cobb County Commissioner Sam Olens, Oscar N. Persons, Fred Cooper and Nancy Coverdell are all unsavory because they supported Reed? You are way off base saying that.

  10. mainstream GOP says:

    Hey now David one here is calling him stupid, Ralph Reed found out just how far those former Skandalkis people will take you lol.

  11. Ben Marshall says:

    What in the hell is leading any of you to believe Newt would sweep this thing, or crush Mitt? Politically he is brilliant, but talk about someone with a questionable character, that stands in contradiction to conservative principles. Newt would have to climb a mountain, just like the rest of these guys will, to stand a chance.

  12. mainstream GOP says:

    Newt can not beat Hillary, and he would still be a distant 3rd..but I could deffinatley see him crushing Romney.

    Think about it, he has a great platform..he created the 1994 contract with America, and since he left DC we have strayed far from our principals..when he was speaker he always had a balanced budget, and there is deffinatley a void in our party of people not satisfied with the current opptions..there is no question Newt is an intellectual conservative, and I think if he waited a few months til the Republicans get tired of hearing about Giuliani, McCain, and Romney..there will be a draft Newt team and he could be the suprise candidate, like Clarke was for the Dem’s in ’04…No, I don’t think he’ll win the nod..but he certainly has a way in if he wants to run.

  13. David says:

    Very true, Mainstream! I figured as long as Mitt was supposedly “bottom feeding” why not go for the lowest there is?

  14. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Newt + 2 divorces + showing a house staffer his omnibus+ tantrums thrown at the back of Air Force One + being one of the most reviled public officials of the last 20 years (check old public opinion polling) + the novel, 1945 = way more baggage than Romney’s Mormonism.

  15. Philly says:

    Phil Gingrey was neutral in that race, too and so was Tom Price.

    Jeff, so I take it you believe that anyone that supported Reed is unsavory? Like Sadie Fields, Nancy Coverdell, Tanenblatt, Cobb Commission Chairman Sam Olens and others

  16. Know Nothing says:

    My predition: the 2008 race has started WAY too early and all the candidates who have thrown their hat into the ring will lose significant momentum when in really matters, say in 10 months.

  17. Judge Learned Hand says:

    Newt may not be electable but he is sorely needed for his ideas–he offers a clarity of thought and depth of analysis that has been missing from the White House for quite some time. I hope that if he doesn’t run, other candidates look to him for guidance as they shape their platforms.

  18. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Debbie, my mistake — I didn’t make myself clear. Key Reed people of poor repute are flocking to Mitt Romney. These mentioned above are not necessarily them.

    I apologize for not making the distinction, and can see where signals got crossed. And, FWIW, I’m not lumping you in with anybody either 🙂

  19. CHelf says:

    I am still waiting for Mitt’s supporters in GA to explain his complete turn over in views on ALL issues. It is one thing to say Reagan changed his view on one or two items but to completely convert on everything or almost everything? Just a few years ago, he tried to outmaneuver Ted Kennedy to the left. You honestly can’t get much further left in American politics. And for us to believe that he had some conversion? What causes such a conversion? I’d like to know. While McCain gets slammed for a change on CFR or interrogations, Romney is propped up as Reagan incarnate for going from one extreme to the other. I am just shocked that some of those considered most conervative have jumped on board a man who won the top seat in the most liberal state and defended, extremely in many cases, some very liberal positions. Perhaps they know something the rest of us don’t. Or maybe some here know. I’d sure like to know how someone who contributed to a few Dem congressional campaigns, sought the endorsement of gay and pro-choice groups, and claimed the death of a family member ensured he would never oppose the right to choose would somehow get so many blessings from some of the most conservative politicos out there.

  20. mainstream GOP says:

    Judge, that is an interesting and very true point!

    Debbie, can you ever read a post with out putting words in people’s mouths?

    Gingrey and Price, both of whom I have an enormous amount of admiration towards..may not have endorsed Reed, but I could deffinatley see they leaned his way..Gingrey had a fundraiser for Reed in his home, and Price’s former Campaign Manager Jared Thomas was Ralph’s Campaign Manager.

    No one said anything about Nancy Coverdell, we all love her!..I wish I could say the same about Sam Oleans and Saddie Fields though 😉

  21. DMZDave says:

    Well Jeff, just who are those key unsavory Reed supporters flocking to Mitt Romney if not those name on the list of key Romney supporters? You hate Ralph Reed? OK, we all get that. When you have done as much as he has for the GOP in Georgia as Ralph Reed, I’ll be pleased to say nice things about you too. Ralph Reed doesn’t desere this hatred. He lost the primary and got over it. You need to as well. The fact that so many Ralph Reed supporters are lending their names and their cash to Mitt Romney speaks well of him in my book.

  22. debbie0040 says:

    Many people said that Reagan was too conservative, a lightening rod and unelectable in 1976 and in 1980.

    I hope Newt gets in the race.

  23. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Thanks Debbie! I appreciate the words.

    I’ve also posted a clarification on the Reed issue on the front page — hopefully, if folks can make it through the fairly lengthy explanation, it’ll clear up a lot of poor communication on my part.

  24. Bill Simon says:


    Along with Buzz’s point about John Linder, I would also say that Burkhalter waa NOT a “Reed” person either.

    So, your “Reed team” theory is kinda full of holes there, Pardner.

  25. mainstream GOP says:

    Im not going to go that far, but Debbie will know..there was a fundraiser hosted at the Gingrey’s home and If I understand this correctly, it was like a joint fundraiser for the Cobb GOP and Ralph may have been for the Cobb GOP and Reed was the keynote, but either way, only Reed suporters were in attendance…don’t get me wrong though, I really like Congressmen Gingrey a lot..I was just under the impression that Reed was his man in the primary, nothing wrong with that..but like I said, check with Debbie, Im sure she was there.

  26. debbie0040 says:

    It was not a fundraiser for Reed. It was a fundraiser for the Cobb GOP . They got the money, not Reed. Reed was one of the sponsors, but I believe Cagle did , too and there were others. There were Cagle people there, too. I was unable to attend. Invitations were sent out to everyone. I believe some of the State Senators were in attendance and they supported Cagle. It really makes sense to have a fundraiser and only invite a certain group. Anthony is a stickler for raising money. Do you really expect everyone to believe that Cagle supporters were excluded? Do you think Anthony would tell someone he can’t accept their money because they support Cagle?That is pretty laughable. Only in someone’s fantasy land mind.

    Gingrey was the keynote speaker. Gingrey was neutral in the primary and so was Price. The only Congressman I know that supported Reed was Westmoreland.

    Another outright false rumor being spread by someone that doesn’t bother checking facts.

  27. Bull Moose says:

    Well, if you want to equate Romney and his supporters to Ralph Reed, then, like their hero, Reed, these folks will again be dissapointed.

    I don’t think the Romney campaign will officially be going by the time the Georgia primary is held.

    He’s not polling well in Iowa, New Hampshire, or South Carolina. He doesn’t win Michigan and that is practically his home state. You have to win 1 out of 4 to be able to continue to the next round and I don’t think Romney has the momentum to do that.

    Another draw against Romney, he has taken several inconsistent positions on issues. He offers differing political reasons for changing his position. I don’t think that flies well.

    I really feel like America is looking for an authentic leader and not just a political opportunist.

  28. mainstream GOP says:

    Debbie, thanks for clearing that up..I apologize for that assumption, I was actually told by a Reed suporter at the time that the Fudraiser was for Reed, obviously that was an attempt by this person to insinuate that a man I admire such as Gingrey was behind Reed.

    That being said, although there were no official endorsements..I got the vibe that both Gingrey and Price liked Reed over Cagle…but obviously this is fine, it’s their right, and no official endorsement was made.

  29. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I really feel like America is looking for an authentic leader and not just a political opportunist.

    Bull…and media darling “Maverick McCain” is that? Really?

  30. Josh D Ondich says:

    If nothing else happens in the GOP, there is always several others possible candidates like George Phillies who running as a Libertarian, and Jim Gilchrist who is a possible Constitution Party candidate for President

  31. Josh D Ondich says:

    There are presidential candidate that are REED-Free.
    Duncan Hunter(Republican)
    Jim Gilchrist(Constitution)
    Tom Tancredo (Republican)
    George Phillies(Libertarian)

  32. Bill Simon says:


    You said this: Also, calling that group the Reed team is really disrespectful to Mrs. Coverdell.

    Why do you say that? Mrs. Nancy Coverdell DID endorse Ralph Reed last year in the primary!!!

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