The Big Dig

At least it’s for a good purpose.

The Georgia Ports Authority wants to deepen the Savannah River channel to accommodate larger container ships.

“Today, more than 50 percent of container ships calling on Savannah are what we call ‘tidally constrained,’ meaning they can’t carry full loads at all tides,” said the authority’s executive director, Doug Marchand. “They have to either come in light-loaded or sail with the tide.”

That could discourage major international players from continuing to grow their operations in Savannah, unless the river channel is deepened to 48 feet.

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  1. Mad Dog says:

    So it’s all for a good reason?

    Making Chinese goods cheaper?

    Are these the beneficiaries called “major international players” in the article?

    If the Chinese want to widen the Panama Canal, let them pay for it.

    If they want to deepen the Savannah River channel, let them pay for it.

    Why do I have to be taxed to make life easier for “major international players?”

  2. JRM2016 says:

    Answer: So the Port of Savannah continues to have the traffic and associated income that it has enjoyed as it has continued to be one of the busiest East Coast ports.

  3. drjay says:

    well mad dog the port of savannah is responsible for (either directly or through supportting ancillaries) thousands of jobs . and if she is not updated those ships will simply make another port of call so its in our interest to remain at the forefront–a large chunk of the economy depends on it…

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