Taking it to the AJC

James Williams (aka. Drifting through the Grift) gives us some unique insight and perspective into the changes at the AJC:

If you’re bleeding from every orifice, cutting off your hands because they offend thee and busy looking at the sky while the ground crumbles, what would be your next best move? Pick a fight with people who at best distrust you and at worst loathe you like an ingrown nose hair.

According to a memo by Atlanta Journal Constitution editor Julia Wallace, the big cheese, swiss by all the holes, is going to come online and teach all us chilluns the proper way to do this reporting and commentary thing.

“Online, we will show that we know Atlanta best, providing superlative news and information and becoming the preferred medium for connecting local communities.”

Let’s see. We’ve already got places where legislators float ideas and participate in discussion. We’ve got places acting as media watchdogs; the daylight the Cox media vampires fear most. We’ve got this best damned political interviewer to come along in decades. And while poor Doug Nurse is forced to sit through two hours of mind numbing federal court to get a measly five paragraphs in the Metro section, we have places dedicating lengthy coverage to local issues.

So Ms. Wallace, welcome to the tea party. Don’t mind us chilluns if we snicker softly to ourselves while you turn up your nose at our viritual tea. While you’ve been slopping melon rinds and onion peels and calling it caviar, us chilluns have been making tea for years.

Well said.

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  1. buzzbrockway says:

    I agree Jason, well said griftdrift.

    It’s no different than any other industry… technological advances require adaptation. Either the AJC, and every other news organization will adapt to the times or they will fail.

    Politicians are being forced to adapt as well. Some are joining in fun ala Rep. Davis and Sen. Shafer and Cong. Kingston (and others), while others are not. Hillary comes to mind. Sure she has these video town halls, and carefully choreographed live town halls, but she’s going to have to mix it up with real people eventually. She won’t get away with running a Presidential campaign like her runs for Senate by keeping a safe distance from the voters. I think Obama presents a real threat to her for that very reason.

    I realize that veering away from the original topic, so I’m sorry.

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