Kemp makes it official

Brian Kemp announced today that he is, as was speculated, running for the GA-47 seat vacated by Ralph Hudgens, who announced on the day of Charlie Norwood’s death that he was running for the barely-late Congressman’s seat.

The highest profile of Kemp’s endorsers is Lt. Gov Casey Cagle. 34 other state Senators have also lent their support to their former colleague, including Hudgens.


  1. bowersville says:

    I may be a douche, but Jeff, other than the dormant website, where is the info on the endorsements? I don’t doubt you, just some verification please.

  2. Donkey Kong says:

    Below is a press release his team sent out.

    News Release
    February 19, 2007 Contact: Brian Kemp

    Fmr. Senator Brian Kemp Announces for Senate District 47

    Former State Senator Brian Kemp (R-Athens) announced today that he will run as a Republican for the open State Senate District 47 seat being vacated by Senator Ralph Hudgens (R-Comer). Hudgens has announced his bid for the 10th Congressional District Seat open due to the death of Congressman Charlie Norwood.

    The 47th Senate District is comprised of Barrow County, Oglethorpe County, Madison County and parts of Jackson, Elbert, and Clarke Counties.

    Said Kemp, “I’m running to provide effective leadership on the issues that matter to the families of our district and our entire state. In my past service in the State Senate, I have represented parts of Jackson, Barrow, Madison, Oglethorpe and Clarke Counties. I look forward to serving the people of these great communities once again in the State Senate.”

    Kemp’s campaign for Senate District 47 has already garnered the endorsement of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and every Republican member of the State Senate including incumbent Senator Ralph Hudgens. (Listed below.)

    Said Kemp, “It’s an honor to have such strong support from my friends in the General Assembly. It’s a statement of their confidence in my proven leadership. I will be announcing many more endorsements in the coming days.”

    Kemp served two terms in the State Senate, during which time he served as the Chair of the Public Safety & Homeland Security, the Vice-Chair of the Higher Education, the Secretary of the Agriculture & Consumer Affairs, and a member of the Appropriations Senate Committees. In 2006, Kemp ran for Agriculture Commissioner but did not receive the Republican nomination. The 2005 redistricting placed Kemp in the new State Senate District 47 currently held by Ralph Hudgens.

    Brian Kemp is the owner of Kemp Properties, a small business specializing in property management in Clarke County, and is the co-owner of Specialty Stone Supply in Jackson County. A native Georgian, Brian Kemp is a graduate of Georgia’s public schools and of the University of Georgia where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture. Kemp, 43, and his wife, Marty, reside on their farm on the Clarke-Madison county line. They are the proud parents of three daughters. The Kemps are members of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Athens.

    In the coming weeks, Kemp will launch his new campaign website, . The campaign will host a Campaign Kick Off event in March.

    Kemp Endorsments as of February 19, 2007:

    Lt. Governor Casey Cagle
    Senator Don Balfour
    Senator John Bulloch
    Senator Joseph Carter
    Senator Bill Cowsert
    Senator Lee Hawkins
    Senator Ronnie Chance
    Senator Jeff Chapman
    Senator John Douglas
    Senator Bill Hamrick
    Senator Seth Harp
    Senator Bill Heath
    Senator Jack Hill
    Senator Judson Hill
    Senator Ralph Hudgens
    Senator Greg Goggans
    Senator Johnny Grant
    Senator Eric Johnson
    Senator Dan Moody
    Senator Jeff Mullis
    Senator Chip Pearson
    Senator Chip Rogers
    Senator Nancy Schaefer
    Senator Mitch Seabaugh
    Senator David Shafer
    Senator Preston Smith
    Senator Cecil Staton
    Senator Jack Murphy
    Senator Don Thomas
    Senator Ross Tolleson
    Senator Renee Unterman
    Senator Jim Whitehead
    Senator Tommie Williams
    Senator Dan Weber
    Senator John Wiles

  3. bowersville says:

    Thanks guys. This race is not as one sided as some believe (Fogle, Erick, et al).

    Looks like the opposition for Hudgens is trying to squelch the opposition! LOL, read that smiley face thingy here.

  4. Groseclose says:

    I am glad to see Senator Kemp is working hard to get back in the Senate. I thought he previously served the Athens area very well and I am certain he will do so again.

  5. Burdell says:

    I know it’s a bit unorthodox to point this out, but I can’t help but note that none of the “Kemp Endorsments as of February 19, 2007” actually live in his Senate District. As such, I am left to wonder why that matters.

    I’m not criticizing Mr. Kemp here. I’ve been impressed the few times I heard him speak (which was during his run for Ag Commissioner). But the only endorsements that should mean anything–in this or any race–are endorsements from future constituents, not future colleagues.

    I see this trend of getting endorsements from outside one’s district growing each year, and I don’t think it’s good for the whole principle behind the form of representative government we have.

  6. jsm says:


    I think the idea is to come on strong at the beginning of the campaign and discourage anyone who is considering running against you. Kemp probably went after the state senators first and will do his work now to get the local support.

    I’d say Kemp’s got a pretty good jump on the race, and the support of all those senators will only help him raise money and gain additional support at home.

  7. waterboy says:

    So the rumor of his stirring around the Capitol two weeks ago seeking supporters was true. Judging from the list above, it appears he made haste not waste.

    Looks like he is headed back to being gainfully employed again.

  8. landman says:

    Its great to have Kemp back in the game and he will do a fine job once back in the Senate.
    It is also nice to see Grose on board with Kemp,I did enjoy debating him during the Ag race,primarily because he knew what he was talking about and not just spewing campaign rhertoric,but am glad we are on the same team on this one.
    Waterboy you are still an idiot and need to get a life.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Kemp will do well. He is well liked. I liked Kemp but supported Black for Ag Commissioner because I thought Gary had the experience for the job. I do hope Gary runs again in 2010 for Ag Commissioner.

  10. Burdell says:


    I stand corrected. I didn’t see Sen. Hudgens’ name the first time. Good catch.

    I think Mr. Kemp will do a great job representing his district. I still don’t like the idea of getting so many out-of-district endorsements, though.

  11. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I think it has more to do with getting the GOP contingent of the state senate to support him, than to round up folks specifically from outside the district.

    I have no doubt that there will be more, from within. I think Kemp’ll be pretty tough to beat in the 47th.

  12. waterboy says:

    landman –
    sorry for the late response…been on the road.

    Your Kemp fettish is downright disgusting. Good luck with that.

  13. mainstream GOP says:

    Debbie, I talked to Gary at the Governor’s Inaguration..he seemed like he was seriously considering another run, I hope he does as well..Plus Tommy Irvin is throwing in the towel, so Gary would be a shoe in.

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