I wonder where Bull will be Tuesday morning?

John McCain will have a chat with the House Republican Caucus tomorrow morning, in advance of Mitt Romney’s fundraiser in Atlanta on Wednesday.

Maybe one of you Capital lurkers can tell us if Bull Moose is waiting outside the Caucus meeting room hoping to catch a glimpse of his man McCain. 😉


  1. hankreardan says:

    what are you thinking Mccain is one of the worse repubulicans in the race. If he wins the rep . nomanations the democrats will win the house. If I was goint to pick a republican I would go with Ron Paul.If the republicans had more guys like him I would have never left the party.

  2. mercergirl says:

    McCain is exactly what we need right now. He’s enough in the middle to win votes from either side. I liked him the first time anyway, I was really disapointed in Bush going to … oh I forget the name… that ultra conservative college- was it Jones University? Either way I think most Americans have said they are not behind that ultra conservative movement anymore. Just look at the Cagle/ Reed race.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Regarding the use of the word “moderate” to describe McCain, I encourage people to start classifying potential candidates on the scale of “reliability” in what their positions are.

    McCain’s reliability plummeted to ZERO after he visited the looney-religious university last year to make a speech. 1) Those people would NEVER support him, and 2) it made him look like a pandering fool. I classify McCain as being unreliable.

    For similar reasons, I classify Mitt Romney as also being “unreliable” in his stances on things. This is a man with hardly any difference between himself and GWB (forget the religious differences) in that they have both been coached as to how to pander in public to the Religious Right to garner their support…and, when it comes time to delivering on promises, the REAL candidate comes-out and yanks the ball away from Charlie Brown’s kick, yet again.

    I don’t care if the candidate is ultra-conservatie, ultra-moderate, or ultra-liberal…all I want is an HONEST person and the differences in issues can be worked-out. But, if you opt for a liar as your candidate of choice, we will be doomed.

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