Silence is a one way street.

As I mentioned, Bill Simon has agreed, at the respect of Cobb GOP 1st Vice Chair Candidate Bob Koncerak, to refrain from negative attacks in the ongoing Cobb GOP leadership races. It appears some supporters of the other side have not agreed or are not complying with a similar request made by Cindye Coates. Check out these comments here, here, here, here, and here.

I understand Bob Koncerak emailed Cindye Coates requesting she speak with these posters. Two of the posts I linked to above mention they were indeed asked by Mrs. Coates to refrain from negative campaigning, yet clearly they have not, and that’s a shame.


  1. mainstream GOP says:

    Bill may be crude sometimes, but I really respect the fact that he has kept his word on this..I think he has also realized that his silence is irking GOPeach, LibertyBelle, Debbie, and Jimbo because they have fed off of his controversial comments..but Im sure he also realizes that by avoiding this race he is above the afore mentioned people who were almost as equally critical of Scott and Bob as he was of yes, I just threw the four of you a bone because I know your dieing for an opportunity to open your mouths again šŸ˜‰

  2. debbie0040 says:

    Bill did NOT say he would refrain from attacking the current GOP administration. He has attacked the members unrelenting for the past 4 years. Especially ASH. Those attacks are relevant to the upcoming elections. Mainstream also attacks the curent administration and other Johnson supporters do as well.

    Bob Koncerak attacked the current administration as well. Koncerak and Simon are good friends.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    Buzz, you have been silent and not critical of Simon all the times he has attacked, but yet when posters start fighting back all of a sudden you have some proclaimed self righteous indignation over their attacks.

    Tell me, where was your concern the years Simon has been on the attack?

  4. Philly says:

    Will Bob and his supporters stop attacking Debbie, Michael and other officers of the Cobb GOP? The bottom line is they have made it impossible for those that support the leadership of Scott-Hobbs and his team to support the Johnson slate. The only one I will vote for on the Johnson slate is Peggy Henderson. She has made it clear that she thinks ASH and his team have done a great job.

    None of you had a problem with Bill and his Political Vine all this time he has been on his vendetta against Scott-Hobbs and others. None of you had a problem when he attacked Republican elected officials. All of a sudden Simon simply states he will not attack Cindye Coates and all you are expecting the past four years of Simon attacks to just be forgotten. Simon did not say he would refrain from attacking ASH, Michael and Debbie. Until all attacks are stopped, there will be no truce.

    Just look at the nasty things he accused Michale Altman of. Altman is a CPA and has very lucrative business and Simon expects us to believe that Altman would jeopordize his business to help “cook the books” of the Cobb GOP.

    Simon has made accusations without facts to back them up and you guys just forget that .

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    I really respect the fact that Bill Simon has decided to stay silent on the issue of Cobb GOP Chair. I know this must be difficult for him because he is very opinionated as I am. Keep in mind though that this is his CHOICE. When did Peach Pundit become the thought police? I think the first post was a humorous way to annouce to us all who were not paying attention that Bill decided to do this. This post on the other hand is stupid. I am getting really tired of people trying to regulate thought and I hope PP will never decide there is a subject that cannot be discussed. Our opinions and thoughts are what make us who we are. People on both sides of the Cobb Chair race need to GROW UP! Again if Bill chooses to be above all the stupid comments that is his choice. Everyone else who is crying that, so and so needs to tell so and so to stop talking about so and so, I say grow up this is politics and if you can’t hack it go back to work like you are suppose to be. I could be wrong but I think Bill would agree with me. Good luck Bill in remaining silent (I know I couldn’t if I still lived in Cobb.) It is going to be a long month.

    One more thing. Death to the thought police. LOL

  6. Mike Hauncho says:

    I cant believe I am saying this but I am glad I live in Fulton. I think there is something very wrong witht the way people on both sides of the Cobb GOP are handling this. Your party is divided and you take to the internet to hash out your differences. The way to make things better is to talk in person and to work to build the party back to what it was during the glory days. Nothing being said by any of these bloggers has done anything to make the situation better no matter how hard they think they are defending their candidate. This whole thing is embarrassing and is good for no one, especially the Cobb GOP. No matter which candidate gets elected you still have a huge problem to fix and none of these people who are attacking each other are doing anything to help.

    Good luck, you need it.

  7. buzzbrockway says:


    When did I ever say people couldn’t think whatever they wanted?

    All I did was point out that Bill Simon decided, when asked, to refrain from attacks on Cindye Coates, yet when asked by Mrs. Coates, her supporters continue to attack Coates’ opponents including Simon.

    If you consider pointing out how different people are behaving to be acting as thought police I really don’t know what to tell you.

  8. Tommy_a2b says:

    Sorry Buzz, maybe I am just PMS’n today. Did not mean to pick on you directly. I just get tired of all these people crying on here. I guess I assumed you were also. I am having a really bad month (all you lawyers are causing more headaches than I know what to do with.) What I am trying to say is people need to stop crying and campaign for the person they think is the best choice. Death and destruction to the loosers, lol.

    For the people who will not refrain from comments for whoever then I say, Whatever.

    Again sorry, I am just tired.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Yeah, Buzz! Why don’t you start a thread titled “Lawyers Suck…Or, Do They?” And let people just post their own experiences with lawyers and whether or not they think of them in a favorable light or an unfavorable light. šŸ™‚

  10. GOPeach says:

    Buzz & Mainstream-

    I refuse to stop posting about this race! Are you kidding me?????

    Cindye is a very, very kind and gracious lady who does not look for trouble. She is a problem solver, and diplomat!

    But… she is not a blogger!!!! I will be blogging to defend her and to announce anything that PP would need to know about the Cobb GOP Chairman race.

    If you ALL WILL RECALL …

    It was ME- GOPeach ( not Bill Simon) who:

    1. Posted where the COBB GOP Breakfasts moved to – Gave Time/ Date/ Agenda

    2. Gave the locations of the Mass Precint –
    Links/ Sub-dsitricts/ Precincts

    Where Bill ( on the other hand ) insulted Cindye Coates and accused her of things she did NOT EVER do. Bill was trying to make Cindye look bad and Cindye was soooo sooooo NICE to Bill.
    She even called him on the phone to discuss his evil comments about her and he NEVER apologized.

    Cindye was sooo nice to Bill. Even when he called her horrible names on Peach Pundit.

    Bob K. knew if he did not say something — Cindye and all her supporters would think HE WAS PUTTING SIMON up to it. That was a good move. Because many, many people believe Bob (and Scott) are behind Bill Simon’s hate filled posts. They all are Coverdell Institute Society brothers. (The republican elitiists). Say “yuk” 5 times! These are the upity republicans who are so arrogant it makes everyone gag. ( if they only knew) …

    I just think it is wonderful that we do not have to hear such vulgar name calling from Bill Simon any more.

    Cindye Coates was soooo NICE to Bill Simon. Yet he called her names on Peach Pundit for NO REASON!!!!!. I am glad he is in TIME OUT ( per BOB’s demands).

    Bob K. is in control of Bill Simon — Wonder how much Bob paid him??????

  11. mainstream GOP says:

    Philly, I think people with a similar oppinion of this race as you, are setting your selves up for a back-fire. I think you believe that if Scott wins, it will mean that the Cobb GOP members in essence state a theoretical dissaproval of the way the current leadership has managed the party..It doesn’t have to be that way, but the more you talk like that..the more it will look like a state of dissaproval when Scott’s team wins.

    I have my disagreements with Anthony, Debbie, and Michael..but I don’t personally dislike any of them, and I believe in a way, they have helped the party advanced. Im not supporting Scott as a way to undermine them or show my dissatisfaticon..I am supporting Scott because I think he has the ideas and the team to grow our party and welcome more people to join us, and make it easier for our members to help out with local and State wide campaigns..and my support for Scott is in no way a vote against Cindye, I think she too would do a good job..but my oppinions of what the Cobb GOP needs to do in these next few years are more in line with Scott’s plans than Cindyes.

    As Mike Hauncho pointed out above, we in the Cobb GOP are making a big mistake in allowing this race for Chairman to divide us and causing other county GOP organizations to look at our county party as if we are in a sad state of dissarae..It doesn’t have to be like this, and by attacking the candidates we are fueling the fire…I have come to realize this, and that’s why you will have to dig back several weeks to find a negative comment about any candiate in this race..yes, I have a favorite..but that doesn’t mean I cant like them all.

  12. Bill Simon says:

    I don’t think this breaches the “vow of silence”, so I will state that the following from Ms. Peach is not entirely accurate:

    “She even called him on the phone to discuss his evil comments about her and he NEVER apologized.

    Cindye was sooo nice to Bill. Even when he called her horrible names on Peach Pundit. “

    And, that’s all I’m going to say on this.

  13. GOPeach says:

    FYI —

    When Bob attacked Cindye Coates at the Cobb GOP Breakfast, Stan Coates stood Bob down and insisted that Bob make a phone call to Bill Simon to stop him from posting lies about his WIFE!

    Bob was smart to comply!

  14. mercergirl says:

    I am so lost… I’m glad I am in Bibb County. šŸ™‚ However I gotta agree with Tommy… it looks like some people are trying to be the thought police. What happened to civil debate?

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